They Say It's Wonderful
John Coltrane Lyrics

They say that falling love is wonderful
It's wonderful, so they say
And with the moon up above, it's wonderful
It's wonderful, so they tell me

I can't recall who said it
I know I've never read it
I only know they tell me that love is grand, and
The thing that's known as romance
Is wonderful, wonderful
In every way, so they say

To leave your house some morning
And without any warning, you're stopping people,
Shouting that love is grand, and
To hold a man in your arms is wonderful, wonderful
In every way, so they say

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I absolutely love this song, especially this version of it. Think about it. Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane! Can it get much better than that? Irving Berlin at his best.


Johnny Hartman was one of the few great post-bop male vocalists. No money, no market, no singers. Jazz went one way and ballads went another.

Neal Luczkiewicz

So few comments. So little recognition of beauty. America, America, you are lost.
Two of the six comments are from different countries.
Thank you! We here are asleep!!
Luckily I know this from a great jazz teacher, Robert Solano,
in 1973, Oneonta, N.Y.

Joseph Magdalena

That's only because it is so sublime - there are no words!

géza rádai

Thank you for this gem! Greetings from Hungary!

Self Doubt

This version is so beautiful

Mark Blackburn

THEY SAY IT'S WONDERFUL -- and it was!
Just thanked Sinatra's first born Nancy, for "including this day on your latest Sirius radio show (NFF #506) a song that features a jazz hero of mine pianist McCoy Tyner who left us last month age 81. Mr. Tyner played on my favorite George Benson album TENDERLY 30 years ago. And almost 60 years ago, he played beautifully on an iconic jazz album "JOHNNY HARTMAN & JOHN COLTRANE" -- playing now as I type this.

McCoy Tyner died last month March 2020. I'd been hoping Siriusly Sinatra would play something from the HARTMAN/COLTRANE album. A five-star collaboration in everyone's books (Clint Eastwood's favorite) for which Mr. Tyner provided perfect accompaniment to go with John Coltrane's unusually lyrical (sounds like Paul Desmond on alto and not what it is: John Coltrane playing 'descant' in the upper register of his most famous tenor sax. He would never do another 'duet' with any other singer.

The song has a Wikipedia entry, recently expanded when I wasn't looking, to include “background.”

Although it is often reported that Coltrane and Hartman had known each other since their days playing with Dizzy Gillespie's band in the late 1940s, their time in the band never overlapped. Coltrane might have heard Hartman sing at a 1950 Apollo Theater performance at which they shared the stage.[7] Hartman is the only vocalist with whom the saxophonist would record as a leader.

Initially when producer Bob Thiele approached Hartman with Coltrane's request that the two record together Hartman was hesitant as he did not consider himself a jazz singer and did not think he and Coltrane would complement one another musically.[8] However, Thiele encouraged Hartman to go see Coltrane perform at Birdland in New York City to see if something could be worked out.

Hartman did so, and after the club closed he, Coltrane and Coltrane's pianist, McCoy Tyner, went over some songs together. On March 7, 1963, Coltrane and Hartman had decided on 10 songs for the record album, but en route to the studio they heard Nat King Cole on the radio performing "Lush Life", and Hartman immediately decided that song had to be included in their album.

Thanks for sharing YongHo Kim. Celebrated this day at Sinatra Family - Forum - "Siriusly Sinatra" - MY FAVORITE VERSION VERSION, YOURS TOO?

논쟁은라인 ffgg345

혹시 피아노 악보어떻게 얻는지 아시나요?

Mohamed Zaimi

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