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John Merrick and Psalm
John Morris Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by John Morris:

Witch Doctor I told the witch doctor I was in love with…

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Comments from YouTube:


Such a moving little passage. And the spooky carnival theme that bookends the film is unforgettable.

Ann Li Oz

I think this piece was called Recapitulation, and it ''carries on'' with a soft romantic piece of music which is even more beautiful...Have you got the rest??

Ann Li Oz

Dear DaBeatUp MusicBox, Ive just come back to this site after our last convo ages ago, and I realised what you said!!!THANKYOUVERY MUCH INDEED!!!!!!!!!!I can now hear that lovely piece of music anytime! THANKS! Ive used megaupload before, because I downloaded the whole film about a year ago, I dont know what was going on with my brain last time!!! SO THANKS! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*happy*

Monk Bop

RIP In Peace John Hurts

Andre Tappini

Tears....just tears.


(Merrick) "I wisshhlt....I couLd normel pepol" hh...Mr Treves? Treves (yeh) Merrick - thh...There's something that I've been meaning to ask you for... some time now Treves – What’s that? Merrick - Can you cure me? Treves (sad) - we uh.... ....we can care for you but we ....we can't cure you.. Merrick (matter of fact) - No....I thought not...

Ann Li Oz

@DaBeatUpMusicBox Youre lucky!if I ever see the cd I will buy it, JUST BECAUSE of that piece of music which is my fave!But I honestly didnt understand the last part of your comment... The full piece was on here a while ago, and I used to play it alot - for some reason they took it off.

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