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by John Murphy

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Comments from YouTube:

Jarvis Longpré

The scene this is from is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The visuals in this video almost match it. 

Henrik Haagensen

Ladies and gentlemen.. Mercury...


whoever made the visuals, incredibly enchanting. Everytime I hear this, I remember the many emotions, sadness, hope, despair, loneliness, life.


Whenever I see my best friend this is what I hear in my head. She's not like other people she's just better then everyone... she's perfect.


Sunshine! <3 Nothing more is needed to say...

Nathan Fey

umm not to burst your bubble, but that's an automatically created animation made with iTunes

Claudio Viegas

Close your eyes and listen


Completely agree, I also think that not completely knowing what inspires someone to write music a certain way Is why the mood of the piece is so believable. Opening ones mind to the possibilities of what space is. Of what beauty is.


how do i get it?


Tommy riordan.

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