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The End
by John Murphy

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this song reminds me this: when you have no choice and you think you have to give up. Don't do it; because there is always hope. The End is the new beginning


To defeat evil you must be able to think like evil does, otherwise it will simply outsmart and surprise you

Michael P.

In real life there is no hope. The evil mostly wins.
This is Kali Yuga.

mark hill

Heisen Berg never thought about it that way, thank you dude you've made me have a different outlook on life 😀

Marie Sejc

Unfortunately..I am exactly there

Kai Blue

The film was cool, but this song, man this song is amazing.


I saw the movie. creepy! 😑 cuz what happens in the movie could happen to anyone that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.. I will not reveal the plot..but I reccomend it.

Miyuki Umeki

i love these music, it left me emotionally devastated.

Andrew Wilson

Music = Life Don't ever forget this.

Turner D Century

This song makes me think of a horror movie.  A movie where the last survivor daydreams that he/she is in a happier place with his/her fallen friends, only to then realize that it was just a last happy memory before their imminent demise.

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