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We Love You
by John Murphy

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Isabella Alvarez

murphy’s truly just vibing

Pink Diamond



Im living for it

Tara G

Honestly if I had to choose only one character to survive the season 7 finale, I'd choose Murphy. It would be so cool because he's known as "the survivor" and "cockrouch"

John Anik

@jZazZy Murven needs to be endgame. Murphy i'm scared may die in S7 but Raven will most likely live and no way is she ending the series without a partner and Emori's time is just about up anyway.


I’d choose Bellamy or Clarke but I love murphey

Sophia Park

Raven as well, can the freaking writers give her a break?!


Wait there's a season 7 ?!?!?

Tara G

@TheVigil 1 I misspelled cockroAch

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Tara G

Clarke: If we wanna do better here, we can't just-
Murphy: kicks the door open

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