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Leonheart Gaming

Uh... no... no it's not.

And a "measure" is what most call a "Bar" ... Three 8th notes in the measure... 3/8 is not an accurate "measure" as it is not an applicable time signature. it's just 3/4 at a high pace at that point.

Also, 12/8 has no dotted quarters in it. you CAN put dotted quarters in it, but 12/8 just describes twelve 8th notes... which is not a real meter, as it's actually 6 quarter notes. which the meter is then 6/4... also, 6/8 is 3/4.

So, that is what I would like to change about my previous statement.

I have my RCM 10, and I'm INCREDIBLY disillusioned with the bullshit semantics of musical theory.
please shut up and go fuck yourself, kid.

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this .... this is why John Petrucci is considered to be one of the all time greats.-- simply amazing composition and technique - this song just kills! \m/

juju Goncalv

that 's my peaplen!!!!!

Felipe Gottardo

For me this is the best Petrucci song. It's fenomenal

Amritanshu Sinha

no , it's phenomenal

Subutay Noyan

I like how this song constantly switches in between jumpy and soothing notes. Petrucci constantly animates and inanimates the thing.

Victor Herrero

Amazing song, the most complex one of the album. Petrucci is the Guitar God elite right there with Malnsteen, Vai, Buckethead, Satriani, Bumblefoot.....

Bruno Bismarck

so exotic and pure. that's why i love petrucci's songs !

Wadiî EL Moussaoui

as a song writer he is definitely ahead of this century..even vai satch and other greats could never write melodies and solos as JP can do it the ending solo of this song is such a beauty

Daniel Nowakowski

6:04 i love this moment... Whole piece is just fabulous...😍


Que rolona y ni comentarios tiene, gracias a dios el arte es para pocos

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