Damage Control
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DJ Emery

I love this song. I have had so many surgeries and been put back together so much, I have a Chronic Care nurse that keeps up with me. I was cut in half twice in my life, literally when organs were sewn into my body, and one cut back out and five and half feet of my small intestines. Lost my left leg last year. Years past had eye surgeries, vitrectomy surgeries with stitches in my eye balls that felt like sand for weeks, God that was hell on earth. Stitches in my eyes like sand that never ended in those surgeries for weeks. I've had muscle surgeries on my eye for double vision, three of the muscles, cutting my muscles while wide away while blood ran down the side of my face. I've had cataract implant surgery to hold my eyes together, and I still see, amazing how much my body has been damaged. My organ donor keeps me alive with her kidney, but her pancreas that was removed out of my body last year nearly killed me.

I feel like my Chronic Care Nurse, and her name is CHESS of all things, is helping me navigate the "End Game" of my life with all the damage control. She is the damage control "operator," that tells me where to go, and what to do when my body does not cooperate with me, when I try to make it do things normal people do, and it gives me hell. LOL!

Thank you Chess for all you do as my Chronic Care Nurse that I can call any time I have issues to deal with trying to stay alive on anti rejection medications and more. You nurses are amazing and thanks for another day in this life. You are like the radio operator at the end of a transmission in the middle of a combat zone I reach out to talk to, when I need to deal with a battle of survival in hostile territory. Amazing how WAR affects life on every level when you fall apart physically. I feel like a soldier on a daily constant battle field fighting to stay alive.

Thank you Damage Control for keeping me alive.

Thank you Lady Morgan Leigh Judd for saving my life as an organ donor when you died on December 6th, 2011 and loaned me your kidney and pancreas in a 12 hour surgery on December 7th, 2011 that I literally thought would be the last day of my life, when I signed the legal documents to toss the dice, and gamble on that table the surgeons prepared. What a gamble to win, at a tremendous price in the loss of your life when you died.

All my love and prayers for the family of my organ donor, and all of you that are true friends to me in this life.

Thank you God above for all the strange miracles that seem like a paradox, and keeping all the damage in my life in control.

This song fits my life, thank you John Petrucci for the music this day, and I wish all of you the best.

DJ Emery


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This song is so amazing that I don't even know what to feel about it. First it makes me headbang slowly and then floods me with emotional sounding solos. Then it suddenly shifts to the sheer aggression of thrash. Finally, the outro sounds like a stunning victory or some sort of miracle. Overall, my listening experience was diverse.


I totally agree. An emotional roller coaster for sure.

drumdad54 sdl

I honestly do not think this song could be described any better than the way you have.


Cool kid


"Why play in 4/4 when you can play in 17/41?" - JP

Herwan Saputra

John inspired by 22/7 in math

Daniel Nowakowski

Hahahaha that was a good one

Quentin Messiaen

@Jim Vouts pp

Talal Rane

😂very true why?

halit kavçın

yes but the thing is I don't know if he really thinks about the scale at all. he definitely knows what he is doing if you ask, but all geniuses do their thing kind of "intuitively" if you listen to them

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