Tunnel Vision
John Petrucci Lyrics

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This song is so beautiful, it brings tears into my eyes..

Marcillio Ficino

This takes me to another dimension when I shut my eyes and listen.

Maxime Francillon

God bless John Petrucci forever ! ! Amazing album

Hasan Sbaih

The only thing that keeping me going back to YouTube for music

Max Kan

im so gonna learn the intro riff

Tommy Satchwood

This song still sends me into this mind hunter-bending nebulous astronomical stratosphere!


This song has THE BEST guitar solo in a history of human kind.

Yssop Yot

3:54 is my favorite transition other than Scatterbrain at 2 minute 50 second mark.

Nave Keinan

The best part in my opinion is the solo in 5:23


I'm here before John Petrucci Terminal Velocity Album

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