Far From Me
John Prine Lyrics

As the cafe was closing
On a warm summer night
And Cathy was cleaning the spoons
The radio played the hit parade
And I hummed a long with the tune
She asked me to change the station
Said the song just drove her insane
But it weren't just the music playing
It was me that she was trying to blame

And the sky is black and still now
On the hill where the angels sing
Ain't it funny how an old broken bottle
Looks just like a diamond ring
But it's far, far from me

Well, I leaned on my left leg
In the parking lot dirt
And Cathy was closing the lights
A June bug flew from the warmth he once knew
And I wished for once I weren't right
Why we used to laugh together
And we'd dance to any old song
Well, ya know, she still laughs with me
But she waits just a second to long


Well, I started the engine
And I gave it some gas
And Cathy was closing her purse
Well, we hadn't gone far in my beat old car
And I was prepared for the worst.
"Will you still see me tomorrow?"
"No, I got too much to do"
Well, a question ain't really a question
If you know the answer too


Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: JOHN PRINE

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Comments from YouTube:

Sandy Garcia

If there is a heaven John will be there. Never knew of any other singer/songwriter who was born an old man and who when is gone their music will always be as fresh and as pertaining to life as the air we breathe. John's greatest gift is that he listened when everyone else talked. And then he sang out their secrets and their pain and their fear. Also, their love. Anyone who does not respect this man is a fool.

Sandy Garcia

@Moon Baby Nails Yes. I turned to his music like a brother, or an old friend so many times that to remember them all would be to task even old Methuselah. I miss him. You do not have to be in physical contact with anyone to feel a strong connection to that person. John thought exactly like I did when he sang of life and people. When life hurt me I turned to John. When my own brother died several years back and I could not express my terrible grief, I turned to John and his beautiful music. And when John's turn to go came around, I made it my business to let anyone who would listen know just exactly what a wonderful personality the world had lost. Mr. Prine was an Angel. He might have been sprinkled with a little spice every now and then and the good Lord must have been faint of ❤️ on occasion, but John by gosh never let me down. Not once. Not ever.

Moon Baby Nails

@Sandy Garcia That's exactly how I feel. John was like family!!!

Moon Baby Nails

Your comment was so perfect. Eloquently said, my friend. ~~~~Tina

Sandy Garcia

@MondeoFive Thank you.


Wow.. awesome post

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Greg Kleinschmidt

John, You're my best friend I've never met. Thank you for the decades of joy you have given me.

Jeanine Shiman

I think maybe, kathy screwed up!!

Patricia Brady

Hi Greg, we must be friends too!!
Listen and watch youtube tribute ...all your friends you have never meet were there!

nashville slim

Tell me about it. I'm crushed by him leaving us. I'm glad he's enjoying that cocktail and cigarette that's nine miles long though. God bless Fiona and the rest of his family. I bet right before the end John set his family up nice. Sly dog, love you John .

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