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Tom of Bedlam
John Roberts & Tony Barrand Lyrics

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Empty Hats (Hit it, boys!) To find my Tom of Bedlam Ten thousand ye…

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I Every time I think of you It always turns out good Every…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks for posting! More Roberts & Barrand pls :-)


more, more! :) possibly 'The two Magicians' :) thx for posting btw

sandra morey

Best version of this around. I also love the Twa Magicians on the same album (Dark Ships in the forest) I teach this because of the easy harmony which makes the hair stand up on folks arms.

Matt Benson

Seems to bring some ancestral memory feeling of old England


this scratched an itch deep in my ear that i couldn't reach!


Old Blind Dogs also have a very nice cover of this, sometimes called Bedlam Boys.

sandra morey

I learned this song from you maybe 30 years ago. I particularly like your harmony. I have been teaching it in my adult singing group with the harmony. I thank you so much for recording "Dark Ships In The Forest" which I own. I also thank you so very much for your public radio show Folk Music USA that I was smart enough to tape onto cassette. We sing Green Grow the Rushes with your harmonies from that recording. It has vanished into the ether & nobody ever heard of it. It was a Christms concert and is much better than the ones available on CD. Noel Sing We Clear

Theodore McGrath

This is great! I remember listening to the Steeleye Span rendition and wishing they had kept going with the slower, more instrumentally sparse arrangement they did for the first two verses instead of speeding it up and electrifying it. This comes pretty close, and the fiddle is nice as well!


I know! Couldn't find him anywhere on youtube, though google may pull up some results.

Nancy Benefiel

They were wonderful

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