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Milena #DA

There once was a boy named Harry
Destined to be a star
His parents where killed by Voldemort
Who gave him a lightning scar

Harry goes to Hogwarts
He meets Ron and Hermione
McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor
Draco is a daddy's boy
Quirrel becomes unemployed
The Sorcerer's Stone is desroyed
By Dumbledore :)

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This is the best theme in the entire series. It's criminal that it was only used in one movie.


The series lost musical continuity outside of Hedwig’s theme after Williams left

Abha Adhikari

True agree

Oscar The FunnyDoggo

CameronM1138 I agree 100%😭❤️ I wand to maybe edit the movies and put this soundtrack in somewhere

Henrik Ahlgren

You know harry the first time i saw you i recognized you imedietly. No not by your scar by your eyes their your mother lillys. Yes oh yes i knew her

HP FanFics

And why it doesn't won an Oscar??

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"I'm very impressed. That suggests that what you fear the most...is fear itself. This is very wise."
- R.J. Lupin

Michael Jenner

Alex Duper Yeah. :)

Alex Duper

@Michael Jenner Now that makes more sense that just "you fear fear itself"

Michael Jenner

Alex Duper I think what it means is the thing that he fears most is letting fear get to him and control him.

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