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Bitácora de Sergio V

Joh Yowza, "Koo nee tang, na' na' na', ah lawah. Koo nee tang"
Sy Snootles, "Cha tung ee-ma chay-choo raun ta-nee-ee-choo"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Ee-ma chay-choo raun"

Sy Snootles, "Ko-nee nan-kee chong noy khan chay-chee-kum
Chee ka koo-ja oo pa-pa chee-ka-nang kee hey"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Chee-ka nang kee hey"

Sy Snootles, "You bang ris-pa ka may wang pee-ya nay, yea"
Joh Yowza, "Oo-la-wang choo koo-chee-pa-tie tan-ga ris-pa ta ya lee oh
Yo, ahh, yal-lie"
Sy Snootles, "Ee-ma ta-ka-moo nan-kee say yal-lee oo ya see"

Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Na-too pa"
Sy Snootles, "Chun-kee sal-la ma-na na-too pa"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Zai ya la"

Joh Yowza, "Hay koo-ma zai ya la"
Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Do koo chee"
Sy Snootles, "Hoy hat-chi doo-k, opps, oh, ooh"

Dyland Pictures

I honestly believe the 2011 Blu-rays were a bit of a fluke. Like, the 1997 Special Editions make sense; They're warm-up for the prequels, "fix" some of George's personal pet peeves, and better align the films with the upcoming Prequel trilogy. Everything's fine - even if I, personally, don't agree with every change.

The 2004 Special Editions also make sense, but are a bit infuriating. As with the '97 versions, they better align the OT with the (now filming/wrapping) sequel trilogy. Ok, great. Again, there are changes I don't really care for, but hey, that's fine. I'm not George Lucas. We can have differing opinions. But the original, theatrical versions aren't available on DVD... and that's really a shame. I'm fine with altering the originals so long as the originals are still accessible. And they're not in 2004. Unless you buy an old VHS or Laserdisc copy. (or hunt down a film print, I guess)

In 2006 he remedies this a bit by re-releasing the 'originals,' and while some fans weren't satisfied with that set & the circumstance; being able to now purchase ANH, Empire, and Jedi separately is nice. Plus, having both versions of the film is a fans dream come true.

However, I think that Lucas, in his free-time, decided to tinker with the films (just for fun) for his own personal viewing enjoyment. I mean, Ben Burtt has said as much with Attack of the Clones. (Apparently the 2 theatrical cuts - 1 for regular and 1 for Imax, were accompanied by a 3rd cut Lucas made semi on his own for his own viewing. So there's at least 3 versions of just that film out there...) It's something he doesn't intend to see the light of day, and is just for himself. Essentially a creator-made fan edit. Alright, I'm fine with that.

But then Blu-ray comes around. And fans demand a re-release. And, Lucas has some ideas about making 3-D versions of the movies as well. So, a Blu-ray is made. CGI Yoda is added to Episode 1, and there's a plethora of more changes in every film I think. (1 transition change in Ep III, multiple shot timing changes in Ep II, and the obvious changes in the OT) Some of these, like CGI Yoda, feel more like things for the fans. But pointless changes like having Vader say "Nooo!! in Jedi are unnecessary. And, aside from a personal giggle from Lucas, I can't see why the films were changed again years after the Prequels were finished. Like, stop. There's no need to change anything else at this point. It's over.

And now Disney's making more changes, and I can't...

I agree, though. I actually am perfectly fine with Jedi Rocks. I actually like both Jedi Rocks and Lapti Nek. The songs, the sequences, everything. I don't think it's just because that's the versions I "grew up" with, though. I think it's just that, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the special edition changes BEFORE 2011 were objective, since they served to bridge the gap between the two trilogies. But the post 2011 changes have had absolutely no justification aside from maybe CGI Yoda. But I still prefer the Ep 1 puppet Yoda... so.

Marvin Müller

Joh Yowza, "speaking", "Koo nee tang, na' na' na', ah lawah. Koo nee tang!"

Sy Snootles, "Cha tung ee-ma chay-choo raun ta-nee-ee-choo."

Rystáll Sant, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Ee-ma chay-choo raun."

Sy Snootles, "Ko-nee nan-kee chong noy khan chay-chee-kum, oooh. Chee ka koo-ja oo pa-pa chee-ka-nang kee hey."

Rystáll, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Chee-ka nang kee hey."

Sy Snootles, "You bang ris-pa ka may wang pee-ya nay. Yeeaa!"

Joh Yowza, "Oo-la-wang choo koo-chee-kee-pa-tie tan-ga ris-pa ta ya lee oh. Yo! Ahh! Yal-lie!"

Sy Snootles, "Ee-ma tsa-ka-moo nan-kee say yal-lee oo ya see, poe no!"

Rystáll, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Na-too pa."

Sy Snootles, "Chun-kee sal-la ma-na na-too pa."

Rystáll, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Zai ya la."

Joh Yowza, "Hay koo-ma zai ya la."

Rystáll, Greeata and Lyn Me, "Do koo chee."

Sy Snootles, "Hoy hat-chi doo-ka! Whoop! Uh-oh!"

Nabu VI

since I'm from Mos Eisley, I'll write down the lyrics for you to enjoy...cheers

Kú nî te! Nanana! Aa'lăwah! Kú nî te!
music starts
ça tan îma çěi-çu ra'n taniçüw ( îma çěi-çu ra'n)
Kú nî nanki çong noy kan çayçeküm, oooh
çî ka kúja ú papa çikanăng ki hey (çikanăng kî hey)
Yú ben rispa ka měi wen pîya néi (ayy)

úlowen çu kuçikîpata tanga rispa ta ya li ó. Yo! Ahh! Yal-lî!

îma czekamó nankî sei yallî ó ya sî, pó naó!
(Natü pa) çanki salla mana natü pa
(Zai ya la) Hae kúmə zai ya la
(Dü kú çî) Hoi haçi düka! Whoop! Uh-oh



[Intro: Joh Yozwa]
GUNIDEH! Nah, nah nah! Ah, lava. GUNIDEH!

[Verse: Sy Snootles]
Try taking ma Chance to run like me too
(Take a Chance to run)
For me, now the jungle’s down, check da loo, ooh
She down for the Utapau, check a monkey head
(Check a monkey head)
You bang with the gun, here’s one for ya day, Hey

[Bridge: Joh Yozwa]
Pull away, choke your chicken, pie time, take a weapon I lie, ill, low, low, HIIIIIIIIIIIGH, yeah, yeeeeeeeah

[Chorus: Sy Snootles & Joh Yozwa]
Take ma shotgun move ma key
Barely who ya see
Slow down!
(Got to run)
Check yourself out and let the
(Buyer die)
Hey, you better get up!
(Dooku’s Tea)
Hey, how’d you do?

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eerypoet4 arc5555

Battlefront 2 Mos Eisley Assault anyone?

Mangekyo Films

I'm up for that!!

waylon lewin

@Kevin Shepherd yoda luke and chewy hansolo and even princess liea never get old sometime it does get old now.

waylon lewin

@Overlord 256 yeah the precious memories for the new update content for starwars battlefront 2 hyped for everyone.

waylon lewin

@Takua Pilot i own lego starwars force awaken nintendo 2ds and even lego starwars the clonewars xbox one s.

waylon lewin

@Angell Mayfield do you know bb-8 playable finn kylo ren rey and even general liea luke skywalker and even hansolo?

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Jean-Paul Lane Valley

I actually searched for this. What's wrong with me...

Mike Rosoft

It's like Steven Seagal singing, it's awful and yet you can't look away.


A good song it is


Not a goddamn thing

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