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Lucas janke

Funeral of Professor Helena (Special participation: Poliana)
Narrator Lukão: The funerary chapel. Oh, hello Poliana. Thank goodness you were not late for this special event. (Sobbing)
Mario Ayala: (Whimpering about Professor Helena's coffin.)
Poliana: Hi, Mario. I'm sorry for the loss. Take this, it's a box of tissues.
Mario Ayala: (Cries severely and runs)
Professor Renê: (Whimpering when he sees Professor Helena's coffin)
Professor Renê kisses the hand of the late Professor Helena and shouts: WHY? WHY?!?
Minutes later in a lot of rain. Paulo Guerra helped dig a hole to put Professor Helena's coffin while Poliana helped bring the coffin with the staff. The headstone was written: Rest in peace, Professor Helena. Everyone was depressed in a mourning tone. Paulo Guerra and Poliana took Professor Helena's closed coffin. Valéria and Davi whimper. Jaime Palilo was depressed. Paulo Guerra and Poliana carried the coffin with the help of the staff and the cleaning lady Graça runs crying, but is held by Director Olivia: NO !!! NOOOOOOOOOOO !!! (Cries severely)
Cirilo, Kokimoto and Maria Joaquina cry sternly.
Mario Ayala cries severely.
Professor Helena's coffin was being prepared to be buried.
Davi and Valéria weep hugging each other.
Firmino was depressed along with Afonso, Director Olivia's great-nephew.
Professor Renê cries on the shoulder of the late Professor Helena's mother, who was depressed.
Paulo Guerra crying.
Nina hugs Tom who was crying a lot.
Adriano takes the shovel to cover the hole.
Poliana was depressed.
Graça cries bitterly saying goodbye to Professor Helena.
Suzana: Goodbye, rival! Hahahahahahahaha ... (cries severely)
The next day...
Narrator: Goodbye, Professor Helena. You will always be in our hearts.

Tyler Garrett

The eight-note motif heard throughout this theme was later retooled for Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. More recently, this same motif was used as the structure of the main theme composed by Williams for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It serves the same purpose within each movie theme: to express how the light of God will always conquer darkness.

In the case of Schneider’s List, it has has a tragic tone that makes audiences feel sympathy for German Jews in a way that makes them hope for their survival. As such, the eight-note motif that defines this theme expresses how important it is to care for others in a trying time. The hope that the Jews (and other Germans,) had for salvation would eventually pay off when they were liberated by Allied forces, compensated by their government for the sake of rehabilitation, and allowed to have their population regrow over time.

In the case of Harry Potter, the theme expresses how the might of God’s power will always conquer darkness in mysterious and wonderful ways. These ways include friendship, love, trust, magic, etc, all of which are examples of God blessing us with various forms of His light to strengthen our souls for the better.

The Rise of Skywalker’s theme emphasizes how peace can be achieved after always relying on various forms of light to conquer various forms of darkness over time for one purpose: love. It’s very appropriate when you consider that the movie’s meant to be a culmination of everything that’s happened in the Skywalker Saga within this manner.

Overall, this is a motif that expresses the power of God’s grace in various ways for one main purpose: to achieve balance and harmony by shaping our souls for the better through an incredible form of God’s love. John Williams might not know that he contributed to this divine plan by expressing it’s significance, but I’m sure he knows that there’s a beautiful quality in it. Why else would he reuse it twice after conceiving it once?

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Maybe for most people, Spielberg's most famous & memorable movies will be "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Jurassic Park" or "Jaws" ; but as for me, it will always be "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan"


For myself, Schindler's List is on par with Superman: The Movie as my top personal-favorite score from the maestro Williams.

VomeinsamenMädchen Sophie

dega723 Exactly...!!!

Valou LeGeek

Same here. My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park, but this masterpiece is and will always be the best Spielberg movie, and one of the best, if not the best, movie of all time...

James Horan

Do you know last year I was in Germany biking from Berlin to Dresden. On a Saturday night in Dresden Square, a woman was playing this on a violin with a recorded background. The town the Allies firebombed. Time does heal all wounds.

Tyler Garrett

Jaxton Doe No, it is not. I wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders at the time of my post. But in spite of such errors, we can amend them with peace and forgiveness.

MN Irwin

@Jaxton Doe Easy to say when you're not in the middle of a situation in which a charismatic madman is clearly bent on world domination ... and isn't overly particular how he goes about it.

Jaxton Doe

@Tyler Garrett im sorry but bombing of civilians is never justified, atleast they didnt use nukes right? They have a long record of warcrimes and till this day oppose the International Criminal Court.

The Overanalyzing Cinephile

@Sterling Archer Yes and no. In terms of collateral damage, it was horrifying, but the fundamental idea of the bombing wasn't as Dresden was the main logistical hub for the Eastern front at the time. By bombing it, it crippled the logistics of the German army on the Eastern front thus helping their defeat.


For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

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