Honey Hush
Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio Lyrics

Well, come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
Come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
'Cause your sugar daddy don't want no talkin' back
You keep on a-tellin', talking 'bout this and that
You keep on a-talkin', talking 'bout this and that
I got news for you, you ain't nothing but an alleycat

Turn off the waterworks baby, they don't move me no-more
Turn off the waterworks baby, they don't move me no-more
When I leave this time, I ain't com' back no-more
Honey hush! Oow!

I said come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
Come on in this house woman, stop all that yakety-yak
Don't make me nervous, I'm holdin' a baseball bat
Well it's a hi-ho, hi-ho silver
A hi-ho, a hi-ho silver, hi-ho, a hi-ho silver
Hi-ho, hi-ho silver
Hi-ho, hi-ho silver away

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Written by: J. MAYO WILLIAMS

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Comments from YouTube:

Rogelio calderon mares

Fortunately, in 1981, this LP was released in my country (Mexico) for first time. I still own a copy and as I learned to take care of them (I became a collector) it is in an excellent state after more than 35 years.

Andrew Mckay

Same here I have a copy too and a good Rockabilly collection.

john coughlin

Love this distorted guitar and menacing feel. Great lyrics also. 1950's so over looked by the 60's

Steve H.

@Jeff Wright The book 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die claims it is Burlison playing the lead.

Jeff Wright

Not Burlison...Grady Martin

Slick Andrews

Not Burleson... In the studio, they used Grady Martin playing the lead work. Bob Moore on bass fiddle, and Buddy Harmon on drums... But Paul Burleson and Dorsey Burnette played all of the live shows with Johnny, there around '56, '57 and '58...

I had the great fortune of meeting both Paul and Grady before they passed... What great guys!

Paul told me that after he was asked to "sit it out" in the studio, and they had Grady do the tracks with Johnny, he said to himself "I'd best learn how to play this damn guitar !!!!"
And he sure did.

Grady Martin was in a class all by himself, though. Man, what a PLAYER'S PLAYER he was.

Dominique Faraut

@john coughlin : with Paul BURLISON on lead guitar !

Azar Akbari

50's is so much better than 60's


I always considered this one of the first punk rock songs...


"Don't make me nervous
I'm holding' a baseball bat."
Won't hear a man singing a line like that today, except maybe in rap.

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