Johnny Rain Lyrics

I see her in my dreams,
I see her in my nightmares
It was on the moon, pisces, pisces
It was all maroon
Pisces, pisces
She was a little red ferrari
9 to 5, whoa, and a vallet room
Pisces, pisces, pisces, pisces
I asked her
Tell me about yourself
She said Im 18, a heartbreak fiend
With a lot of attitude
I dont play favorite
Im from new york
Apparently waiting in the longest line ever
Well you seem pretty late
Back to dream I wont explain
Are you single, I wanan change that
She replied, well Im
Well I'm assuming you are
And you do?
Sho you right, sho you right!
Well youre my type, tall and fine
Do you usually get what you want?
Pisces, pisces
I said oooh
Why you say that?
Pisces, pisces,
Pisces, pisces
She said curiosity
But I ain't diving in the arms
Of a rockstar tryna talk to me
Is it like that love
Just like that Johnny
Later on we talked on the phone
For the very first time
She said your voice is a chocolate fountain
I could drown a thousand times in
You're pretty smooth
Nah I ain't smooth, I'm just real
How bout you? What's your deal
With us?
She said I'm yours, my dear
Take control, I'm scared
I got you!

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Comments from YouTube:

ethereal vibes

I was just searching for my horoscope because of boredom and suddenly found this talent haha thank you for making this song👌😜

ethereal vibes

Melodee, great song thank you! I love Jhene Aiko :)


Jhene Aiko did a song with Cocaine 80s ft. Common called Fly Ass Pisces. You might like that too plus summer is here and it definitely has that vibe to it.


that moment when one of ur favorite singers sings a song about ur sign hehee

Bernardo Flor

I'm not pisces, but I have a good affinity to it, and this is a great song

Alana M.

I'm a Pisces too


AA A thats a good feeling haha i’m also a pisces


Johnny Rain has some damn good music


There's a good vibe to this track


holy crap tron legacy music? genius

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