Johnny Vicious Lyrics

ten, nine, eigth, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, extacy!
extacy, extacy, extacy, extacy, extacy, extacy,
extasy is for everybody
extasy, everybody wants extacy
did you find your extacy?
did yor find your extacy?

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Comments from YouTube:


The bassline is coming!

Dominic dekelaita

That's not the only thing coming

Sebastien Derijcke



the vaseline is comming😂😂

Joe Byers

'Some people shouldn't take their shirts off' a song that can make me sweat and laugh at the same time gets the seal of approval from me!

Ben Murphy

The time is November 2018, the place is Sligo, the DJ is Mall Grab. Times are good. And the bassline's coming!

Harvey Nash

Thank you Mall Grab for this weird banger

Woland Koroviev

never get bored of it 🖤

Imogen Bratby

HAAi played this at strawb fields in aus and it was megaaaaa

Brother Penny

@harshad vaviya there is one on the identification of music group on facebook mate

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