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Take Your Shirts Off
Johnny Vicious Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Johnny Vicious:

Ecstacy Caliban Shadow Hearts Vicious Circle every day I see your…
Ecstasy extacy! ten, nine, eigth, seven, six, five, four, three, two…
It's Love They say I'm crazy, the way you got me open,…
The Crowd Song La la la la la la la la la la…
Turn Off the Light (People, people, people) It's getting so lonely inside this…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mohammad Ali

this is what club music should sound like this brings so many beautiful memories from the past it was one of the most amazingly tremendous club music tracks the incredible spectacular tremendous sounds of this music track generates an atmosphere of excitement makes you want to travel back in time and relive the glorious years of club music the precious melodies were made with passion and love back in the days they need to bring this type of music back in the party scene they need to start pumping this type of music in the middle of the dance floors that would truly be awesome this track obviously deserves a perfect rating

Mark B

If the club made this sound over and over, I'd go somewhere else.

Louis Wishin

Well, this is basically what you get to listen to in almost every gay club/gay party in México and Europe. That's why sometimes I attend those.

Cory Armer

Wow . it took me 10 years and random Google searches of partial lyrics to finally find this song.

Philip Shaw

lol funny - exactly the same experience here too :) Heard it once in Amsterdam in late 90s... been looking for it ever since.


wow, sorry it took u soooooo long!     Its aMAAAAAAAZING

Joey FiGGz

say yes to drugs. Exit,tunnel , SF and Twilo and Limelight memories are coming back.

Mark B

Fig nutens are soft

Mark B

Say no to drugs and give hugs. Hugs are cool. You must be a fool. Go back to school.

Andy Moy

Mitsubishi double stacks

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