Jon Batiste Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah

It's phenomenal
This boy's gonna find his soul
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's emotional, room for us to grow, yeah
Superliminal, yeah

Our's is all that you wanna be
Lost my pride, I'm a wannabe
But still I need you, I see (yeah, yeah)
Only you can give me freedom
Only you can make me sing
You make me sing (yeah, yeah)

(Even though, sometimes, real talk)
It's phenomenal, this boy's gonna find his soul
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's emotional
Room for us to grow, yeah

Lord knows I never thought I'd find a super woman
I know love ain't perfect
But if you feelin' what I'm talkin' 'bout, say yeah, yeah
I never thought that it would be a time
That we wouldn't see eye to eye
But, baby (baby), here we are right now
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wish we can make it right
I pray we can make it right, baby (oh baby)
Said I pray we can make it right, yeah
I'ma need my background to help me sing, woo

Oh, oh, oh (mmm)
Dear, Lord
I pray that you bless our relationship (mmm)
I pray that you help us not to fight
And to get along
And to go to church on Sundays
Mama said, do what you can
Gotta be a Holy man
You could tell that I'm a Nolia man
By the way that I talk
And the way that I walk
And I wanna see your pretty face
Light up like the city in springtime
Light up like the crowd when I rhyme
Light up like, shine (get it)
I know you don't like to dance in public
But I love it when you get loose
And show your toes, show your toes (ooh-ooh)
Get loose and show your foes
Let's show them, oh

It's phenomenal, ha, uh, so phenomenal (ooh-ooh)
It's phenomenal, yeah, yeah, we gon' find a way (we gon' find a way)
It's emotional, room for us to grow (emotional, yeah)
It's phenomenal, we gon' find
We gon' find a way
It's emotional, room for us to grow (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Written by: Jonathan Batiste

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Comments from YouTube:

Jeremy Pickett

I really want to talk about the deconstruction of this tune, cause that's what nerds do. But I can't right now, the sparse soulfulness is just so on point. Jon, you are so pheonominal.

Jeremy Pickett

@Caper. here Noice! :D Some day imma gonna get a fist bump from that genius. Oh, and even though Jon isn't on colbert anymore it seems, Louis the new band leader is rockin. Geez I want his guitars.

Caper. here

His interview on broken records. He talks about how the song came about, in detail.

theJONeG cle

Jon Batiste ... don't stop doin' what you do ... it's a gift from God !

Earl Arnthorson

This makes me smile into the darkness knowing the morning star has my back
no I ain’t black
I’d never understand
But I put in the work into the soul and into my city
How else we gonna change the system
With a whole lot of soul vibes
cuz soul is universal πŸ’˜


What an amazing talent. The music is rich, complex, detailed, varied like a journey, emotive, and just so darn interesting. Truly Art.

Aisha Tailford

Dude you have been killing it lately! I feel like it's the summer already.

Christiane Fleurant

This music piece is telling me: That's the way life goes, just go with the flow! Thank you from MontrΓ©al, Canada.

Praise Matsekete

Lovely music! You are such an inspiration. Lots of love from Zimbabwe!

jm 91

The land of Mtukudzi!

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