Saint James infirmary blues
Jon Batiste Lyrics

I went down
To Saint James Infirmary
And I saw my baby there
Stretched out on a long white table, yeah

So sweet
So calm
So fair

Let her go, let her go
God bless her, yeah
Wherever she may be
She can search this wide world over, yeah
But she's never ever gonna find another
Sharp dressin' piano playin' man like me

Well folks
This is the end of my story
And if anyone should ever ask you
Just go on ahead and tell them
That I had the Saint James Infirmary blues

Writer(s): Mills Irving, Primrose Joe

Contributed by Daniel S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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This is chilling. This is a sound not from this era, yet here played infront of us. Legendary music.


Is not a song from this era. Do your own research.


This version using quarter notes on the beat is similar to one of Cab Calloway's versions, but Jon keeps the vocal simpler. If you're interested (and YT lets me post the link) look here:

Donald Kelly

Yea the song over 100 years old


@HurricaneStarang Why would I have to do that? How is my performance changing the fact this guy is of the basic structure this song had?


@Jan ok Jan, internet warrior. 😅 give it your best shot and upload a video then.

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Stanley Graham

I love that he starts out with Chopin and then moves into St. James! And then, he ends with Chopin. Brilliant!


Was wondering where that was from. Thanks

Diana G

The mastery that this requires is beyond his years. It is truly a blessing for mind and soul


The end with Chopin tends to be a traditional part of the arrangement

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