You Are My Love
Joni James Lyrics

My one and only
When you're not near

I'm oh so lonely
You are my love

And please believe me
There's not other
Therell be no other love for me
I sigh and cry
And long for you

Oh, my darling, my loved one, mm-mm-mm
You are my love
And please believe me
There's not nother
Therell be no other love for me

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Comments from YouTube:


been, listening to Joni since the early fifties the music never grows old, everything else does


You're welcome!

George Griffith

Another one that brings back the memories of 50 years ago. Thanks for posting.

sam rowe



Joni is one of my all time favorites. I could listen to her all day.


@Dudley1948 Thanks very much, Dudley!


@shmuli9 Shorter hair generally makes a girl look older, and women wore their hair longer in the late '60's and '70's. Look at pictures of Joni with long hair, and you will see the difference (or any other girl).


Joni James will be 83 years old on Sept 22nd, 2013.


I think it's interesting how she looks considerably older in the early 1950s than she did in the 1970s... (I think it must be the hairdos, since it seems EVERYONE looked significantly older if they were an adult in the 1950s than they did later on.)


More like 57 years ago.

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