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Jonny Greenwood Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Convergence' by these artists:

In Mourning Bleak, the sky is pale or is it the water Vapor…
James Murphy [Instrumental]…
Random Factor Im breaking down the barriers Remember how it's used to be T…
Synthetic Breed Break away Separate Become the illusion Break away Separate …
Thirty Seconds to Mars

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jonny Greenwood:

Any Day Now Any day now I will hear you say "Goodbye, my…
Don I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (feat. Madisen Beaty I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Get Thee Behind Me Satan Get thee behind me, Satan I want to resist But the moon…
Journey Through the Past When the winter rains come pourin' down On that new home…
Les Fleur Will somebody wear me to the fair? Will a lady…
No Other Love No other love can warm my heart Now that I've known…
Sukiyaki Let's look up as we walk, so that the tears…
Vitamin C Her daddy got a big aeroplane Her mommy holds all the…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

That Boi

0:00 you walk out of your room at night

0:11 the floorboards creak

0:19 you make it to the kitchen

0:32 you open the fridge

0:40 you grab some CHEESE

0:56 you eat the CHEESE

1:00-4:27 you go back to your room and sleep

All comments from YouTube:


One of the greatest uses of music in any film ever, in my opinion. So intense and almost scary yet also epic and awe-inspiring.

stirge fluton

agreed. With the intensity of the occurrence , and the long long shot... Fudge man, it's like you're right there running with them a pure gem film moment.

Lorne Malvo

Fletcher: H.W. Okay?
Daniel: No he isn't.

Toni Lainekivi

What are you looking so miserable about?! There's a whole ocean of replay buttons under our feet! And no one can get at it except for me.

Michael Peck


I drink your milkshake

3 years later and this comment is gold


Heartbeat transiting to an attack stage, and then stopping. 

Gabriel Orville

Or it's the gears of the mind turning in conflict, until they "converge".

rabid rabbitshuggers

calitocalito And it somehow gets worse once the drums get back in sync

SrSucioGuapo DelSur

I've always said this is the literal soundtrack to a panic attack

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