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Proven Lands
Jonny Greenwood Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jonny Greenwood:

Any Day Now Any day now I will hear you say "Goodbye, my…
Don I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (feat. Madisen Beaty I wrote my mother I wrote my father And now I'm…
Get Thee Behind Me Satan Get thee behind me, Satan I want to resist But the moon…
Journey Through the Past When the winter rains come pourin' down On that new home…
Les Fleur Will somebody wear me to the fair? Will a lady…
No Other Love No other love can warm my heart Now that I've known…
Sukiyaki Let's look up as we walk, so that the tears…
Vitamin C Her daddy got a big aeroplane Her mommy holds all the…

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Comments from YouTube:

Shining MissingNo.

favorite song in this movie

Henry Lehrman

better in yms reviews tho lets be real

Corey Mock

Listening to this playing Red Dead Redemption II is something else.

Abraham Lincoln

I did that exact thing yesterday and youre not kidding. The tracks called "There Will Be Blood", "The Prospectors Arrive" and "Future Markets" also are amazing while playing Red Dead Redemption 2

Richard Desmond

The alternating time signatures between the drum and strings really adds a punch to this, NIIIIIICCCEEEE! Jonny you genius!

Will O

Also, based on the score, there aren't actually any drums! All the percussive noises come from string instruments being struck with a plectrum and muted.

Richard Desmond

@TheBillythepoet Yeah, the first couple bars do feel like it's alternating, then I totally hear what you mean, well spotted:)


Richard Desmond not different time signatures, just odd accents. Known as syncopation

Hopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channel

Was this the music that was used in the House of Cards season 4 trailer?

Theodore Grevers


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