Breakin' In
Jonny Lang Lyrics

He came to her with so much mystery
Thought she'd fall so hard
Get swept off her feet

We've been together since we were sixteen
We've got history
He's got nothin on me

It's like I can read his mind
Wants to be more than her friend
Believing his own lies
But the fairytale's about to end

He's not breaking in
He's not breaking in
To steal her heart away from me, oh no
He's not breaking in
He's not breaking in
To make his get away with her, oh no
No No No No

I can't do this paranoia thing
This ain't really me
It's just embarrassing
I should know by now her love is strong
My heart's her one true home
and this is where she wants to be

But, still sometime in the night
I'm a little scared to close my eyes
Although she's laying next to me
I'm not so sure I still believe

No No No No


No No No No
No No No No

Writer(s): Tommy L. Sims, Matthew Phillip Ridenour, Jonny Lang

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