Cycling Trivialities
José González Lyrics

Too blind to know your best
Hurrying through the forks without regrets
Different now, every step feels like a mile
All the lights seem to flash and pass you by

So how's it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

But don't know which way to turn
Every trifle becoming big concerns
All this time you were chasing dreams
Without knowing what you wanted them to mean

So how's it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities
So how's it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

Who cares in a hundred years from now
All your small steps, all your shitty clouds
Who cares in a hundred years from now
Who'll remember all the players
Who'll remember all the clowns

So how's it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities
So what does this really mean
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities

Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Stygian Phantasm

I love you Erica and if you ever read this, just know I really tried. I'm sorry I never made it there, but I thought of you every single day along the way.

You see, I'm just not a good person. I'm selfish, immature, fearful, insecure. I'm afraid I'm too much like my biological father. He wasn't a good person either.

I know you're tired baby. You work so hard to stay afloat. Just know that while this message exists here in the ether, across a sea of well wishes and moments long gone, I will be thinking of you always.

You made me feel like I was done looking for the thing that would complete me as a person. You level me. I'm nothing in your presence. I'm weakness and flesh. I never knew a lover could make me feel the way you do. There is no substitute for the place you have in my heart.

I'm a child running through a field away from what scares me and towards the thing that will keep me safe. You were always my endgame.

Its so hard to know that someone like you is out there and that ill never be a part of your life, at least, you'll always be a part of mine.

So when you listen to this song, think of me. Know that I would have never hurt you. I would have awoken each day with the sole purpose of making you happy.

I love you SO much.

Thank you for every moment you ever gave me. It means more to me than anything else in this world.


Daina Imperiale

You are an AMAZING soul.
Thank you, for sharing this.
Love is all.
I wish you blessings, love & Light.
And you sound like you have found your inner peace. That's huge.
Your love, gratitude and immense connection to her, will never fade.
Your souls connected.
That, is eternal.
Thank you, again for being a true man, in sharing your soul, your heart.
May Peace, love, light surround you, always.

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Dalton James

A funny story on how I found Jose Gonzalez: In highschool (2009) I made up an alias one day to mess with one of my teachers who we all knew was a massive stoner and had a terrible memory. So I used get two work sheets, write my name on one and then Jose Gonzalez on the other one and turn them both in. In the grade book I wrote his name down and would always check him as being present in class when the teacher was out. One day I was absent and the teacher was handing papers back and couldn't find Jose Gonzalez or me, and the kid who sat next to me gave away my ruse. The next day I walk into class and the teacher greets me as Jose Gonzalez. He got a good kick out of it and said that he knew the name was associated with a musician he enjoyed, so I looked up Jose Gonzalez later after school and was quite pleased with my choice of alias.

Ghost in the Machine

Nice story, thanks for sharing 😎👍

Violets are blue

That’s an amazing story! I quite like it!

Marcos Cocina

Been so tired of life lately. This is the first time I have heard this song and it has hit me right in the feels. Thank you José.

Karl Mueller

I think the message Jose is conveying is that we should all calm TF down


Since you didn't answer Vinnie, I'll ask too, how you feeling now?

Vinnie Camponovo

How are you feeling now?

Eva Zaragoza

I have to admit my daughter's taste in music makes me proud.

v jay damery

It should

Matthew Boutelle

i just love how nobody fights in the comments its so peaceful for once. jesus i can hear myself think

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