With the Ink of a Ghost
José González Lyrics

I know as I see
Touching through the mist
All hypocrites they're racing deadlines on the list

Eager to imply
There were footprints in the rain
Meeting all tonight
Telling they're doing great
Telling they're doing great
Scatter [?]
And this brings into the air
Old berries in the trees
Praying to stay clear

Some might be afraid of them elegantly
In the past
She runs from the deepest valley passed the sun
Opening p the wall
Time spending contemplating

And they're missing dawn
They're burning up the gates
But once afraid to lose more
Got the rain in the moment black
Come to life

He came from the dark to realize
When it lasts
She runs from the deepest valley passed the sun
Opening up the wall
Witness to the changing times
It makes sense to all at last

Shape the currents and it has been living in
All this time witness to the changing time

I don't last a week
Moving out the tree
Molding once to be
Serene with the tile


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Katelin Kalbaugh

One of my panic attack relieving music.

Clement Amphyon

Did you try the Aphex twin's zen monkey 10 hours version? Pretty cool.
- Alexi Murdoch - All my days
- Unit - the perpetual number 9
...some will say it's sad : I prefer to say it's atmo !


pretty much right?


@Saf Anything by Jose Gonzalez, Imaginary Futures, Nick Drake. Those are my go-to's.


@Saf I don't usually reply, but had to tell you about Gregory Alan Isakov, he is my anxiety eraser. You should check him out.


Agreed, you should check out Lou Rhodes of Lamb. She has a great soothing voice. Down tempo like Jose. Enjoy

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Dear Jose Gonzalez, i gota say that your music is medicine for the soul, thanks for being a such an amazing musican


I second that. It is definitely music for the soul. ❤

Attila Veszprémi

Perharps the most beautiful song ever.

Johnny Chimpo

On windows you can type "magnifier" or just "mag" on the search bar, then set the zoom back to 100% and set invert colors on the options icon. That way you can see the original footage of this video

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