Lillian Egypt
Josh Ritter Lyrics

I remember back in Illinois I found her
The lily of the valley the lily of the
West was a rose The daughter of the biggest big town banker
He kept her like a princess I stole her like the Fort Knox gold

She used to pour Four Roses like it was going down the chimney
Like the bottle was on fire or the boiler was about to blow
She was up on the table when we hit Missouri
Dancing with a movie man he was holding her a little too close
La didi da da da da da da da!

He made her the star of the silent movies
But all she did was mouth the words all she did was mouth the words, "Oh no!"
And he cast me as the villain as the sheriff's worst enemy
I practiced falling off of buildings and out windows

La didi da da da da da da da!

The last time I saw she was tied to the train tracks
I was back there with the extras riding on a tiger roan
The villain on the left with the studio mustache
Winking at Lillian blowing kisses from the second row

La didi da da da da da da da!

Written by: JOSH RITTER

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Comments from YouTube:


Great video! I downloaded Josh's newest album off of iTunes a couple weeks ago. It's fantastic. Best album I've heard in a long time.


I listen to a lot of music and there are many awesome pieces of songs that stick it out in my mind but there are 2 that can never leave. 1 is the harmonica on peter pumpkinhead from the crash test dummies, and the 2nd is this piano solo going on in lillian,egypt". It's like the there is something so extremely pure happening here its hard to describe, but who knows I'm probably wrong.

Matthew Flanagan

I saw Josh live not too long ago, he was fantastic. Both live and in this video, he just comes across as this honest guy who wants to go up there and have fun doing amazing stuff

Héctor Torres

i met my gf in a high school event her names lillian and in this event i was known as egypt because it was the country i was representing... i love her... shes my soulmate

Jon Schlosser

Are you still together; the people must know


Endearingly jaunty little ballad, and the video is a perfect companion (much like the actual Lilian).

Barbara Blond

I just saw him on PBS last night and couldn't beleive I hadn't heard of him before either. Great...kind of like Dylan. The songs actually have decent words and meaning.


This sounds slightly different from the album version....I like it.


In that I think about it...I believe the entire album is an Ode To Lilith. Monster Ballads and In The Dark also draw from the theme of Lilith, and I'm guessing some of the songs may be centered around Lilith/Lilitu as well. Very interesting.


I love this video :)

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