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All The Signs
by Josie Charlwood

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Diamond Eyes Diamond Eyes I will look the same, you will never underst…
Skyfall This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel…
The Scientist Come up to meet you Tell you I'm sorry You don't know…
Waiting by the Phone I've been trying so hard to please On no account should…
What Should Have Been Had I known, for any length of time I would've told…

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Comments from YouTube:

Andres Sini

wow amazing!!!! y just find this !! and let me tell you this is amazing!!! i know Josie since 2010 and this is one of her songs that is just amazing and deep!!! the lyrics are just beautiful and powerful and this version is just equal good as the original version!!! and i love your voice!! match perfectly with Josie voice!!! y wish that some day you and Josie could do a live performance of this song in a "mtv unplugged acoustical Josie Charlwood"!!! what do you think? that it will awesome and fantastic!!! p.s you are from Brasil?

Andres Sini

+Bruno Gonçalves wow that is a very fast answer!!! thanks a lot!!!!!! and hey!! no problem if my words restore your motivation to sing !!! that make me more than happy!!!! seriously!!! and like i say dam!! you can sing!!! and sing so so amazingly well !!! all the best for you Bruno!!!! and like i say in my comment i wish that some day you can sing this amazing song with Josie in a "mtv unplugged", really is one of my dreams!!!

Bruno Gonçalves

+Andres Sini Hey man! Thank you so much for your comment, your words... They restore some of the motivation to sing I've been losing lately... (due to life routine and a tired mind with this crazy world)... So... really... Thank you! :)
(Yes. I'm from Brasil). :)

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