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True Confessions
by Joy Lynn White

Joy Lynn White
TitleTrue confessions
He come walkin', he come talkin'
And his smile took my heart away
Dancin' eyes... hypnotized
And the look that he gave me
Was more than words could say

He only wanted my shoulder to cry on
He only wanted my love for a while
I was lookin' for someone to rely on
I traced his heart from his smile

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The stars were fallin' in every direction
The moon was rockin' back and forth in the sky
Modern day lovers with true confessions
Written in their eyes
Written in their eyes

Mornin' came and lit the flame
We were wrapped around a blanket of love
In a brand new day
Love came in
Where you been?
Now that we're together
We'll never be alone again

Written in their eyes.

Writer(s): Kostas Lazarides, Marty Stuart

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