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by Joyous Celebration

Just like the prodigal son
He sinned against heaven and before you lord
But when he came back you embraced him
You hugged him and you kissed him

And I call it unconditional love
Love that's unexplainable
Mercy that is indescribable
Grace that I didn't deserve
Oh lord I thank you for redemption through your blood
And sin forgiveness
You took my place and you gave me life eternally

Hallelujah (Amen)
Glory hallelujah (Amen)
I serve a faithful god (Amen)
A loving god (Amen)
A powerful god (Amen)

Glory to the king of kings
He's so wonderful, nobody like him
Just give him glory
Nobody like the lord
H's so wonderful, he's so powerful
Yes the name of the lord is a strong tower righteous run to it
And they are safe oh yeah
I'm so glad to have a lord like him
Thousand may fall
Ten thousand by my right side

A man could not have loved so dearly Lord
You gave your son just for me
I'll forever praise Him
And I give you glory for what you've done
And what you are

I thank you, I thank you
I thank you, thank you Lord

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Isioma Abigail Kayla

on Hay' Inyweba

Hay' inyweba abanayo
Abangcwele baphezulu
Abemiyo phambi kwayo
ITerone yakomkhulu
ITerone yakomkhulu

Ndinga nam ndingema nabo
Abo bantu abangcwele
Ndiyidumis' iNkosi yabo
Leyo mvana ibafele
Leyo mvana ibafele

Ukuphumla bakuphiwe
Bayohlala bonwabile
Iinyembezi zosuliwe
Zonk' iintlungu ziphelile

Zonk' iintlungu ziphelile
Zonk' iintlungu ziphelile

Alice Ade Hoff

on Ngiphete Ungqo

My best song

Francina Peal Jackson

on You Sent Your Word

I never get tired listenning to this song. So so inspiring.

Ekoi Njume

on Tshala

what a song, i need to sing in this choir

Basil Onu

on I Press

GOD bless Joyous Celebration, I Love you!

Mongwen Bertin Nelly

on Come Holy Spirit

music is the food to my soul what about you

Boaz Wasilwa

on Roma Nna

am blsessed

Boaz Wasilwa

on Zawa Indonga

This song blesses me each time i listen to

Kenci Simiyu

on Umbhedesho

i love you joyous