Judee Sill Lyrics

ove rising from the mists,
Promise me this and only this,
Holy breath touching me, like a wind song
Sweet communion of a kiss

Sun sifting through the grey
Enter in, reach me with a ray
Silently swooping down, just to show me
How to give my heart away
Once a crystal choir
Appeared while I was sleeping
And called my name
And when they came down nearer
Saying, dying is done,
Then a new song was sung
Until somewhere we breathed as one
And still I hear their whisper

Stars bursting in the sky
Hear the sad nova's dying cry
Shimmering memory, come and hold me
While you show me how to fly

Sun sifting through the grey
Enter in, reach me with a ray
Silently swooping down, just to show me
How to give my heart away

Lately sparkling hosts
Come fill my dreams, descending
On fiery beams
I've seen 'em come clear down
Where our poor bodies lay,
Soothe us gently and say,
Gonna wipe all your tears away
And still I hear their whisper?

Love, rising from the mists
Promise me this and only this,
Holy breath touching me, like a wind song
Sweet communion of a kiss

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Written by: JUDEE SILL

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Victor Seastrom

I knew Judee pretty well when she was starting out. I used to go to her various gigs around LA. It was clear she was a tremendous talent. Sadly her record company didn't know what to do with her and put her in long flowing gowns and tried to package her as a new Joni Mitchell. Judee was a pretty complicated girl and always had a tragic aura. I liked her very much.

mr.mike h

I love this song. I read that she had a tragic upbringing, its so sad and she died way too young.


I had the good fortune to see Judee live, twice, at the Troubadour, opening for Jimmy Webb in the 70s. I would not have wanted to follow her. She was brilliantly original, charismatic, funny, and endlessly entertaining. We went back the second time just to see her. I found out years later we had practically been neighbors in North Hollywood. She would have been a hoot to know, I think. I love that her music is still being discovered. Robin Pecknold's live cover of "Crayon Angels" is lovely.


@Victor Seastrom Thanks so much for your speedy reply. The information will be very useful.
I must ask did you ever witness Judee very early on when I've heard tell she would play to an audience in single figures. When asked to sing another artist's material she would give short shrift. Letting people know in no uncertain terms that Judee Sill was only going to perform material by Judee Sill 😅🤣😆.
Most definitely ahead of her time but unfortunately not ' powerful ' enough to lay it down like todays individuals are able to. C'est la vie. Pardon my French. X.

Victor Seastrom

@Pilgrim She was a dear person. If you want to know more about those times, try looking up Camille (Pillara) Parsons on FB. She was co-owner of a club called Artie Fatbuckles where Judee used to play.


Must have been amazing to witness and know Judee. I'm more than a little envious. I've heard all too little about her life. Mostly the ' bad ' stuff as well
Although the image I have is of a hugely energetic strong enthusiastic soul always looking forward to better things to come hopefully true and lasting happiness .
Unfortunately she was gifted in that she could help inspire these in others but ultimately was denied lasting happiness in this life.
I hear people say ' bad decisions 'blah blah. Idk but feel Judee always seems to have made the best play with the cards she was dealt.
She's given so much to so many. I have so much respect for this woman. Maybe it's really true that some people are just too good for this World. God bless her.

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how no one has made a movie about her and her music is beyond me. her story needs to be told in full. lovely post, thanks


She made decent music and took a lot of drugs. There you go, there's your screenplay. Next.

Ashley L

Agree. She is so precious to me and her music is a gift I open again and again.


@Robert Kett ”Judee Lynn Sill was born in Studio City, California, not far from the nortern entrance to Laurel Canyon, on October 7, 1944. Almost a quarter-century later, she would be favorably compared to such other Laurel Canyon singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Judi Collins and Carole King. When she died though, on November 23, 1979, not a single obituary was published to note her passing.” - Weird scenes inside the canyon by David McGowan

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