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I Know Things Now Mother said, "Straight ahead" Not to delay or be misled I sh…
Wondering Seems like a part of me will always have to…

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India Reece

Is this home?
Is this where I should learn to be happy?
Never dreamed
That a home could be
Dark and cold I was told
Every day in my childhood
Even as we grow old
Home should be where the heart is
Never were words so true
My heart's far, far away
Home is to.
What I'd give
To return
To the life that I knew lately
But I know that I can't solve my problems going back
Is this home?
Am I here for a day or forever?
Shut away from the home until
Who knows when
Oh but then
If my life has been altered once it can change again
Build higher walls around me
Change every lock and key
Nothing lasts, nothing holds all of me
My heart's far, far away
Home and free.

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Nicholas Garrick

Ashlyn voice is literally prefect for a Disney princess so I'm glad she is playing bell because her voice is so beautiful, and prefect as the role as Belle.



Maddie Campbell


Bethany Noe

Love it, when I was listening to this song I cried it was nice

ally’s bujo



xcept for the fact she isn't beautiful (replace with "conventional type of beauty" if you want to politically correct version of it), which is like.. the main point of the character

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Nathan Clift

That is ONE SHOT. No cuts. No jumps. One. Long. Shot.

And it was executed PERFECTLY.






Exactly! :)

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