06. River Of Brakelights
Julian Casablancas Lyrics

We might be in for a late night
Stuck in a lava flow of brake lights
I can hear a rattling bass drum driving back to where it came from
Sit back

I shop therefore I am the cause, protect me from what I was

Getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it
Getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it
Timing is everything, timing is everything, timing is everything, timing is everything
Timing is everything, timing is everything...

I'm at your feet, where critters meet
Who should be asleep and not crossing roads or highways
In the afterlife of super cities, rapidly devouring its outskirts
It's neon octopus arms redecorating late at night

Robot camp for kids who hate sports
Mothers crying at the airport
Finding the dreams you left behind to do, waving goodbye your young heart cries for you
Sit back

You're finding it hard to get very far
But we were born waiting in line
Grabbing the future by the eyes

Getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it, timing is everything, timing is everything
Getting the hang of it, timing is everything, getting the hang of it, timing is everything
Timing the hang of it, getting is everything,
Getting the timing of everything hanging is
Hanging the getting of timing the everything...

Like batteries we die, like rivers we dry
We fuel and recharge, that's humans and cars
My fun, my sun, be my homework done
Where did you go, you were my ride home

Is that what we want, is everything shot, is that what you ask for, 'cause that's what we got?

Nothing stands still
Nothing stands still

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Theo Buniel

They're called "The Sick Six", and they are:

JP Bowersock - rhythm guitar
Danielle Haim - rhythm guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Blake Mills - lead guitar
Jeff Kite - bass, keyboards
Nelson Freeman - keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Carapetis - drums

NOTE: The Sick Six members Jeff Kite and Alex Carapetis would later become co-founding members of The Voidz.

All comments from YouTube:

Maxim Belousov

Julian at his absolute prime. It's amazing how powerful his vocals are used to be. Completely blows me away at 11th dimension.

Ak Wilson

Grotzo Men Yeah, it was so bad around 2011. I guess because of smoking and drinking.

somewhere stuck in L.A.

@Julián Michel Hernández Ramírez Ahh, the green eyed monster comes out.....

Julián Michel Hernández Ramírez

Agree, hitted high notes with a very youthful tone during Phrazes for The Young Tour
It's kinda weird he started to struggle with his vocals around 2011, sounding very thin and powerless

Fairy Saphire

Used to be?..


Drummer is a beast!

Eskil Chauhan

kaloyster Alex carapetis if you never found out which I doubt :)

zer0 95

this is so fucking amazing... man phrazes for the young is such an amazing album when you hear it multiple times, so many instruments... like goddamn the dude was playing keyboards and drums at the same time


Esta cancion es buenisima pero se ve que es muy dificil interpretarla en vivo, muchos cambios de tono pero lo hizo con toda.


Creo que se me cayó la bombacha al ver esto, JULES HACEME 8 HIJOS ah jajajajaja

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