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Julie Anne San Jose Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Julie Anne San Jose:

Baby U Are You are my only You are the one You’re everything I want…
Bakit Ngayon Kay tagal ko nang hinintay Ilang taon na ang lumipas Bigla n…
Blinded Ohh hmm, oh yeah What do you wonder about Was it me…
Deeper Crumpled sheets of paper With written songs for you My hands…
Diamond in My Eyes I see that you're hurting' from all that you've been…
Forever [Verse 1] I've been looking back On everything, everything w…
Hold On Yes. Its you Youre the one in my life I have…
I'll Be There First time I laid my eyes on someone like you…
Ill Be There First time I laid my eyes on someone like you…
Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang Di ko na kaya ito Magkunwaring wala lang ang lahat Kung …
Let Me Be the One Somebody told me you were leavin I didnt know Somebody tol…
Magic Ng Pasko Ang Ligayang hanap ng puso maaring magkatotoo, Dahil may bit…
Pagbangon Ilugmok man tayo ng bagong pagsubok Mga puso nati'y 'di mapa…
Right Where You Belong Wondering where you are tonight Maybe you're that distant s…
When I Close My Eyes Wishing on a distant star A glimpse of what we had It…
When You Said Goodbye Oh I know I watched you walk away Everything we had Was d…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@MrUnknownnoone I'm not talking about any AIC song. I'm talking about their own version of Stairway to Heaven, The Motherfucking Rooster! And it doesn't fit Rambo?! How?! Tell me how these lyrics don't fit Rambo! Especially and I must emphasize this part, when it's not just about the war Rambo fought in, but the real life experience of someone who actually was in Nam!
"Ain't found a way to kill me yet."
"Eyes burn with stingin' sweat."
"Seems every path leads me to nowhere."
"Army Green was no safe bet."
"The Bullets scream to me from somewhere."
"Walkin' Tall, Machine Gun Man."
"They spit on me in my homeland."
"Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death."
"My buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath."
"Oh god please! Won't you help me make it through?"
And especially this part in the chorus "You know we ain't gonna die!"
If you were a true fan of both AIC and Rambo, you'd see how it's a song that fits Rambo like a glove. If you can't see it after looking at those lyrics, there is no help for you.

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Game Changer

Beware of the old man - in a profession where men die young.

movie freak

ibrahim akhtar


Yogesh Sharma

Fuck this. It is military stuff

Norman Readdis

I'll be the first HERminator, thank you veeeeery much!

Bryce Millar

Goosebumps. You literally made the trailer better.

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FR Bmp

This is like the adult version of Home Alone.

Usha Bhattarai



@I am Terry 🌹

movie freak

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