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Jun'ichi Masuda Hitomi Sato & GAME FREAK Lyrics

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Rise Rap2re Rise

It has begun
Nowhere to run
Knowing who we are
You crossed that door
It has begun
Nowhere to run
Knowing who we are
You crossed that door
It has begun
Nowhere to run
You wanted a fight?
A fight you got

The soul
The body
The mind
The conscience
What makes a trainer?
Now we will show you

Go a-head
You have nowhere to es-cape
The battle now be-gins
Everything's on stage
You ready?

The soul
The body
The mind
The conscience
What makes a trainer?
Now you'll behoooold

Go aheeeeeead
Do your woooooorse
You think i'm scared? (Of some random kid that's coming)
You think i'm scared? (Dreaming with victory and glory)
You think i'm scared? (Now I'm gonna put you in your place)

You ready? you ready? you ready? you ready?

Knowing who we are, you crossed that door
Too laaaaaaaate, to ruuuuuuuun
You won't give up? Then give me all you got!
Come oooooooon, COME OOOOOOOOOON

We are the elite four
Bow to us
Meaningless bug
So you got some shiny lil' badges?
We'll see if that's enough


If you understand this:

Having abilities changed to mummy
Dying from burn
Fire blast go brrr
"Samurott has fainted"
Full restore

Fighting type moves go brrr
There's no fairy types yet
"Emboar has fainted"
Trying to land a hit on the pokemon before they hit yours
Full restore

Shadow ball go brrr
Psychic go brrr
"Chandelure has fainted"
Full restore
We all gangsta with dark types but them focus blast go brrr

Stone Edge go brrr
Again no fairy types
U-turn go brrr
Full restore
"Sigyliph has fainted"

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Everybody gangsta until Chandelure’s STAB Fire Blast hits.

Bill Xatzis

Is chandelure that bad?I mean i OHKO it with just krookodile's crunch or samurott's aqua tail


or mienshaos stab high jump kick.

OWWWW that has fucked me over more than almost any other move in the entire series.

outside maybe cynthia's garchomp's dragon rush.


Lol I survived since I had one too and my Stoutland Crunched through her team like cereal

Sydler YT

@Jonathan Swanathan fuck that i also force feedmy pokemon x special and dire hit

Jonathan Swanathan

Not to mention it’s special attack is fucking ASCENDED

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Eternal Equinox

The Unova Elite Four, for some reason, is the ONLY Elite Four that has made me legitimately scared. Something feels off from the moment you enter the main lobby... it truly feels like you're fighting the very best of the best. The previous four generations were a gauntlet, sure, but these guys were the first to let you pick and choose. They're equals, and all equally adept at wrecking your team like it never existed in the first place.

The Ultimate YouTuber

When I first challenged them, yes, they were difficult as fuck because I didn't know what I was doing. After I learned more about them and how to counter them, it became a routine. It was easy. Always know what you're going into and it will be the easiest task out there.

Super Lombax

@Roro Zozo She's a Champion though. Not an Elite Four.
You should've said cries in Lucian

Super Lombax

@Chrf Yeah. Every time I get up to the Pokémon League, I always make sure to grind all my Pokémon to Level 48 before I start.

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