Moon Monkey
June Haze Lyrics

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Cough, Cough, Cough
We break it down
Sit the space sewed up
Moon Monkey high like the weed we bring up
I will touch them eyes like i still aint nothin′
Slowmotion, Crostin, five since floor

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to June Haze's song "Moon Monkey" depict a psychedelic and space-infused experience. The repeated coughing serves as an introduction to the song, capturing the sense of inhalation and the hazy atmosphere. The line "we break it down" could refer to breaking down the marijuana or breaking down the barriers of reality, allowing oneself to enter a dreamlike state. "Sit the space sewed up" suggests that they have created a comfortable and controlled environment in this altered state.

As the song progresses, the lyrics refer to being high like the weed they bring up, indicating a strong connection between the drug and the cosmic theme. The line "I will touch them eyes like I still aint nothin'" could imply a sense of confidence and assertiveness despite being under the influence. The mention of "slowmotion" and "five since floor" further emphasizes the slowed perception of time and the altered state of mind.

Overall, "Moon Monkey" conveys a hallucinogenic experience where the singer is exploring the realms of space and their own consciousness. The lyrics evoke the dreamlike quality of being high, portraying a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.

Line by Line Meaning

Cough, Cough, Cough
We are experiencing difficulty and discomfort.

We break it down
We analyze and deconstruct the situation.

Sit the space sewed up
We have absolute control and dominance over the environment.

Moon Monkey high like the weed we bring up
We reach a euphoric state similar to when we consume marijuana.

I will touch them eyes like i still aint nothin′
I will make a significant impact on others, despite being underestimated or undervalued.

Slowmotion, Crostin, five since floor
We move in a deliberate and calculated manner, maintaining our balance and stability.

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love your songs :)

Anubis U

This shit is fire🔥. When's the next album dropping fam?


best member in SoaR/FaZe. He was even a boss back in Synergy.

korbin foster

Love the song

Carter Rozay

ZEjim bro', this song is damn good


Dude you should be so much more popular.


Please, I really need an instrumental, I must!!! <33


dood keep it up, your sick as fuck!!!

mike mukii


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