A Place Called England
June Tabor Lyrics

I rode out on a bright May morning
Like a hero in a song
Looking for a place called England
Trying to find where I belong

Couldn't find the old flood meadow
Or the house that I once knew
No trace of the little river
Or the garden where I grew
I saw town and I saw country
Motorway and sink estate
Rich man in his rolling acres
Poor man still outside the gate

Retail park and burger kingdom
Prairie field and factory farm
Run by men who think that England's
Only a place to park their car

But as the train pulled from the station
Through the wastelands of despair
From the corner of my eye
A brightness filled the filthy air

Someone's grown a patch of sunflowers
Though the soil is sooty black
Marigolds and a few tomatoes
Right beside the railway track

Down behind the terraced houses
In between the concrete towers
Compost heaps and scarlet runners
Secret gardens full of flowers

Rita grows her scented roses
Right beneath the big jet's path
Bid of fortune for her garden
Eileen turns away and laughs

So rise up George and wake up Arthur
Time to rouse out from your sleep
Deck the halls with sea-green ribbons
Drag the old sword from the deep

Hold the line for Dave and Daniel
As they tunnel through the clay
While the oak in all its glory
Soaks up sun for one more day

And come all you at home with freedom
Whatever the land that gave you birth
There's room for you both root and branch
As long as you love the English earth

Room for vole and room for orchid
Room for all to grow and thrive
Just less room for the fat landowner
On his arse in his four-wheel drive

For England is not flag or Empire
It is not money it is not blood
It's limestone gorge and granite fell
It's Weald and clay and Severn mud

It's blackbird singing from the may-tree
Lark ascending through the scales
Robin watching from his spade
And English earth beneath your nails

So here's two cheers for a place called England
Sore abused but not yet dead
A Mr. Harding sort of England
Hanging in there by a thread

Here's two cheers for the crazy Diggers
Now their hour has come around
We shall plant the seed they saved us
Common wealth and common ground

Contributed by Peyton R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


The English need to hear this song today, more than ever. There's lots of good in England, and lots to be proud of.

C.J. Ward

this song is brilliant

Ian Day

I responded to this song by taking control of my garden - we're still enjoying beetroot, after the carrots, beans & tomatoes !

Rory Faulkner

a song of England , in the are auld times, Bragg would love this, Englishness is fine to be proud as is being Irish, or Scottish or Welsh. Uor commonalities are expressed through music like this

Sheena Wellington

A fine song written by one great English singer and sung by another!

4 Eyed Animation

Wow..June Tabor is amazing...I would love to see her play here in The USA...before its too late.


Thanks for a note of sense, apples091. Just been catching up on previous replies to replies, which YouTube does not notify to the video poster. Hope they were tongue in cheek.

Paul Ward

Gets better every time I hear it

Rory Faulkner

well, I'm Irish and love this song, great folk music, not nationalistic ....just what it is

Jack Daw

This is what you CALL a song. June Tabor with the new national anthem!!

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