Justice Lyrics

It's always the same
Always the same story
"Tell me what, when I can come in"
To a hopeless troglodyte
But one more time
My answer stands
I swear I mean "no opens"
But you better learn to read
It's all 'bout membership
Hey, for you to note
Ugly girls and boys
I put you on my list
And make you clap to this
But, man, I just don't that trip
My only one commune
And soon you're saying different

[Chorus: x2]
Four capital letters
Printed in gold
Cause details make the girls sweat even more
While they're shaking their belt
No need to ask my name
To figure out how cool I am

[Bridge: x2]
Can anyone read, anyone feel
That I'm losing my patience
I just came here to bounce
Ladies are all waxed
They all now I'm coming
I'm losing my patience
I just came here to bounce

[Chorus: x2]




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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


A few of the references that I picked up on:
0:11 - NBC's Proud as a Peacock image campaign, 1980 promo
0:28 - possibly PBS 1971
0:40 - HBO "In Space" intro, 1983
1:20 - possibly the early '80s Nickelodeon silver ball
1:48 - Cannon Films
1:54 - If you don't get this, you've been living under a rock
2:16 - CBS/Fox Video, 1984
2:47 - Stephen J. Cannell Productions

All comments from YouTube:

Jon Piper

This music video is a graphic designers' wet dream.


@Lewis Garrison lmaaaoo I was thinking : Back when I was learning Graphic designs, this is what I dreamed to do

Hayley Brant


Chi-Wai Kou

Old mate 4096 does similar work, it's similarly intoxicating:

Lewis Garrison

Here I am 6 years later about to type this exact comment lol.

M Wolf

Graphic designer here, can confirm.

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Editor/designer: so how many transitions do you want?

Justice: y e s

Phil Nolan

"all of them".


This is pure art


No Way ikrrrrrr

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