Total Blackout
Justice Lyrics

I found myself today
Trapped in this bed
My hands tied, feet tied
A hole in my head

Nothing left inside my brain
I don't even know my name

I feel, I see, I smell
This is my living hell
What did I do, why am I here
No answers

What would you do,
When all you knew is dead and gone?
You look around
What you see makes no sense
Feeling strange
You realize, you had a total blackout!

I am still lying on this plank bed here
My inner self filled up with fear

A spark of memories
Becomes a flame
A syringe needle in my vein

Three tubes - liquid - that hose
The end seems very close

I woke up for my own execution

I can't believe that
I will soon be dead and gone
The drugs work, make me weak
Make me dead
Feeling tired
I realize, I'll have a total blackout!

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Claim your “here within an hour” ticket here..

casual gamer

You didn't sell many tickets then

Jeremy Why

@Garrett Carr Sorry bro you’re too late. 🤣 I need to win this.

Garrett Carr


Garrett Carr

Jan 4, 2021

Marius Tagalog


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Jada Loro

When you signed a multi special Netflix deal but you ain't trying to do anything during a pandemic, I feel ya Chris.

Tobi Tanimowo

Can’t wait! The goat himself.

AJ Walker

Ok, I'll be there! 😂 Looking forward to seeing the "remix" since I've enjoyed the original a handful of times already 😂

Ali Alsaba

What a hustle!

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