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gec gec

I’m a fairly stoic person but this song always gets me so emotional. I can’t put it in words. It’s unbelievable

It feels like when you tell a teacher you’ll visit them but you never do,
it feels like the paper thin fragility of existence,
it feels like disassociating while watching the flames of a fire while everyone around you is talking,
it feels like bittersweet memories of what could’ve been,
it feels like when you remember something you unknowingly did or visited for the last time,
it feels like when you lie down on the wood floor next to your dog,
it feels like being on a deathbed and cherishing what time you had,
it feels like the cries and cheers of a collective human spirit....

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here's to 22 years of being single.

CORE zone

raises his glass

D.E. Belton

It's fascinating to see what sort of moods people take away from lyric-less songs like these. Most people in the comments here (including my best friend IRL) interpret it as a happy more light-hearted song, where from the first time I ever heard it I interpreted it as a more sad, melancholy, and somewhat "nostalgic" feeling one.

Phillip Lebedev

I feel like it takes on a bittersweet tone. But, I agree that it is interesting that many people can have many interpretations of something so vague and open.

Divyansh Sharma

whenever i hear this, i imagine i am in a world full of people, but in a place sky high, away from everyone else. reminiscing about how i have no one with me, but looking down on the world and felling happy for everyone who does have someone to go through life with. Then I turn my back, sit in the pilots chair and fly off into the distance talking to GLaDOS.

Carl is not impressed

This song feels like a breakup, and you spend the next weeks thinking about every good and bad moment

Commissar Chaotic

The sound and feeling of a sad bittersweet death for me.

CORE zone

Music is powerful.
When you make it right, a music without words can speak more than one with lyrics.

Gilgazord 0

Achievement unlocked: The Good Ending


@Commissar Chaotic Intentional or not, that “?” at the end was on point. This song really gives a “Good Ending, Kinda” vibe.

Feels like something is missing, like a plot twist is awaiting

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