Who Wants It
KCPK Lyrics

I play the crads i was dealt
Rather be your Ace than the king
I talking blackjack nigga hit like a soft 17
This that hip hop for the feens
My nigga phra got the lean
Got about a ounce in my jeans
Your bitch wana bounce with team
Im draped up drippin' in gold
I wake up drippin' in hoes
Bitch i just woke up in paris
Im about to wake up the globe
My seat go back like girbauds
We still be tippen 44
Got that wrapped up like 4 vogues
I got 3 bitches 4 doors
3 bitches in my photos
Double R these ain't no polos
I got the devil on hold

Rappers you're seeking your soul
Nigga be that cream off the top
Tryna get that thing off the lot
No no not that one on the drop
Got get them ds fuck them stocks
Set mob fuck them thots
DJ evil dee who got props
Duck down when i buck these buckshots
Get down this where the buck stops
Aint waiting like no bus stops
Gotta bust my ass to the top
Fuck what them boys talking about cause Im'a
A-town killer with the flow
H-town i tip on 4/4s
Chi-town i keep it 300
Worldwide don't Nana nigga want it

Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it
Who wants it

Boys talking, boys talking
Boys talking, boys talking

Boys talking, boys talking
Boys talking, boys talking

Wanna be that talk of town
Gotta knock the crown out of the top
Of who they say may get down
Gotta knock that boy out his spot
Aint about to play with nobody get bodied for what you not
This ain't no body to body slow jam this that body rock
This that dope for dopamine's
Dopes as that crack out the pot
I'm talking whipping and whipping this that go hard as rock
I'm out here sweating and dripping shit off think I'm Tupac
I'm trying to fuck all thr groupies i wish i had me two cocks
Shawdy be fresh as new socks although im denim be dirty
That's because I'm fresh off the block i keep some pot on my person
I need song lean when I'm perking
Boy that's that faith like mace
Make sure levels got treble boy I'm ace with base
Make sure you run with some rebels if you run up my space
Cause i run from no body my city raised me that way
I raise my L to the ceiling boy what the fuck they say

Writer(s): Alexandre Brovelli, Fabrice Brovelli, Christophe Caurret, Don Carlos Eugene Price

Contributed by Levi G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mōn Flyre

mein gott, been replaying this for weeks.

Sam Ainsworth

Can't get over how good this is.


Чёрт побери, клип на 100 из 10.Да да именно на 100.


cool-cool. потрясно очень

Naomie Armand

This was Feqin Amazing

Ádám Bürgés

YSL Black Opium, brought me here, and this is my favourite song for 3 years

Lou Lou

Always black opium themes being soo good for listen

Aya Rahali

what's your favorite song now?

Andrey Lamantin

Почему у данного шедевра так мало просмотров?1?!?

Wytok Nosaj

Are these images from a movie I really want to see it if it is

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