Blowin' Smoke
Kacey Musgraves Lyrics

Between the lunch and dinner rush
Kelly caught that outbound bus for Vegas
We're all out here talking trash, making bets
Lips wrapped round our cigarettes
She always thought she was too good to be a waitress

we all say that we'll quit someday
When our ship comes in, we'll just sail away
But we're just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
We're just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
Out here goin' broke
Hey yeah
Yeah we're just blowin'

Well Janie got divorced again
Her ex-husband's in the pen
From two to five, five to ten and longer
Brenda's traded smokes for cake, still hadn't lost that baby weight
And that baby's about to graduate, from college

I'm just flicking ash
Into the tray
Tell them both it'll be okay

But I'm just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
I'm just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah, hey yeah
I'm out here goin' broke
Hey yeah
Yeah we're just blowin' smoke

We all say that we'll
Quit someday
When our nerves ain't shot
And our hands don't shake, yeah
We all say that we'll
Quit someday
When our nerves ain't shot
And our hands don't shake

Wipe down the bar, take out the trash
Light one up and count my cash
Swear I'm never coming back again

I'm just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
I'm just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
Out here going broke
Hey yeah
Yeah we're just blowin'

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Luke Robert Laird, Shane L. McAnally, Kacey Lee Musgraves

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Tim Grable

Kacey actually understands working class people. This type of musician doesn't come along often and even rarer for them to actually wrote about it.


I'm just blowing smoke

Mads Knudsen

@T.D. McCarty calm down, snowflake

Frank Patton,Jr.

You mean write about it


check out hank williams or johnny cash or garth brooks or george straight.

T.D. McCarty

@Relentless Seeker all the wmn I know are better off than me.. by structure! LOL the entire structure of the country is like a crib for womn haha, all you have to do is get rald and pull chld spport from somebody you split custdy with. For some reason the govn feels you deserve a chck from me even though we have the kdz the same amount of time. And then you have the vnba complaining they don't get pade the same. I wasn't aware fmles weren't allowed to play in the mba, oh that's right they are but they don't.. not because of a rule, but we will pat you on the back and pretend you can do it all Lolol.. the only thing going against wmn is wmn themselves. There is no aspect of existence within this country that isn't structured and geared towards wmn success.. govnmt and military promotions, college admissions, jobs.. we even give the right to ryd your boss and then get promoted and then let you say it was hrsmnt five years later 😂👌. Don't say anything when it happens, just when you need a promo.. we all know the prisns and front lines of wr are full of ladiez.. Rose didn't have any room on that queen size door for Jack did she? Wmn and chldrn saved first while the men go down with the ship and you are so opressd.. puhhleeez.. you even have the Marxist YouTube censorship algorithms on your side because apparently this comment is too much for you so they must not allow you to see it or respond. This is the world you are making, thanks! Everybody loves being silenced because U can't handle what someone else says 😂

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Sophia Stiles

I don't like a lot of modern country, but when it comes to her, I love it

Бывалый Путешественник

Nice harismatic girl. Good song

Joseph McKnight

It's a stretch to call her music "country".

Jordan Beagle

Sophia Stiles A lot of people say that : )

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