Teri Deewani
Kailash Kher Lyrics

Preet ki lath mohe aaisi laagi
Ho gayi main matwaali
Bal bal jaaun apane piya ko
He main jaaun vaari vaari
Mohe sudh budh naa rahi tan mann ki
Yeh toh jaane duniya saari
Bebas aur laachar phiru main
Haari main dil haari - 2

tere naam se jee loon - 2
Tere naam se marr jaaun - 2
Teri jaan ke sadke mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani- 2
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho gee ha gee ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani - 2

ishq junoon jab hadh se badh jaaye - 2
Haste haste aashiq suli chadh jaaye
Ishq ka jaadu sara chadha kara bole - 2
Khoob laga lo pehre raste rab khole
Yahi ishq di marzi hain
Yahi rab di marzi hain
Yahi ishq di marzi hain
Yahi rab di marzi hain
Tere bin jeena kaisa
Haan khudgarzi hai
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani - 4

oh ho oh hoohhhh...

he main rang rangeeli deewani - 2
Ke main albeli main mastani
Gaaun bajaaun sabko rijhaaun
He main deen dhram se begaani
Ke main deewani main deewani
Tere naam se jee loon tere naam se marr jaaun
Tere jaan ke sadle mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani...

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Divyanshu Maurya

~Teri Deewani~

Kailash Kher is known for his melodious and meaningful songs and 'Teri Deewani' is probably one of his best works! As good as this song is, it's the video that makes it truly a masterpiece. Please allow me try to break it down for you guys.

The video is a beautiful amalgam of 5 different stories blended into a 5 minute video.

🔹1st story: Incomplete Love

This girl in white salwar, is seen standing in the Golconda fort, a place where she meets her lover, (who is seen leaving her, white shirt guy sitting in bus).

She later commits suicide, pay attention to the line in the song when she is seen jumping from the top. "Haste haste aashiq suli chad jayein."🎼

🔹2nd Story: Complete Love

There is another couple that always meet up and are seen smiling till the very end, this completely contrasts with the 1st story.

This ends with "Kahin Ishq Di marzi hai, kahin Rab Di Marzi hai" 🎼

🔹3rd Story: Acceptance

In this case the girl is seen in a truck, leaving her boyfriend who is running behind it to stop her. He tries very hard but eventually he gets tired and gives up; He finally stops and let her go. They both are seen to be in harmony with this as you can notice from the smile in both of their faces.

🔹4th Story: Love at first sight

By the getup and looks, the guy wasn't her lover, he was maybe contracted to kill her. Notice the way he tries to block her.

Now, look at her reaction and facial expression when he draws her close and just observe his change in expression in the next few moments; she looks into his eyes and there certainly is a connection; He instantly falls in love with her and lets her go.

However, she doesn't really know yet that he is hired to kill her and when she sees the knife in his hand she starts running away; They were strangers, not lovers, but it took only a moment to fall in love.

Alternatively, It can be that the guy knew the girl and was in a one sided love? Notice the lines at 1:23 - "Tune kya kar dala mar gayi mein, mit gayi mein". He maybe is there to take revenge but lets her go nonetheless? The placement of the lyrics messes it up for me to conclude.

🔹5th Story: Passionate Love/Teri Deewani

This is how the title of the video was formed. "Tune kya kar dala, mar gayi mein, mit gayi mein. Teri Deewani, Teri Deewani 🎼 She has turned mad in love (Deewani) and dances every night for her lover after the sunset under the lights of firecrackers.

Hope you guys loved reading it as much as I loved compiling it. Looking forward to your comments. Believe me, it took more than an hour to make this post and photos collage and it's 2:30 AM in India right now. However, it was worth it.

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suvodeep Sutradhar

No show off, No Ferrari and BMW, No skyscrapper views, No Bikini babes.... Just talent and class of Kailesh kher!! Just a Masterpiece❤️😌

Shail Singh XC

Yeh ho chaiye jindagi mein

renuka bhadreshkumar

Very true.. well said

Pawan Nayak

Tv fc

neeraj singh


RD Gaming channel


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Nayab Khan

I am Leaving this comment here so that anyone who like this comment no matter after a month, year, decade, i will get notified and watch this masterpiece again and again.

Shubhishi guthriya

then see it again

Bad boy࿐

@Nayab Khan after Ramdan

saba Choudhary

Ek baar phrse dkhoo mre sth... ❤

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