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Kal Banx Lyrics

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Ana Chen

[Intro: Smino]
Ayy cuz, you know we family, right?

[Verse 1: Lil' Ronnie]
I think I got my throwbacks than Fabulous, its that boy lil Ronnie 600 dollar kick
I done hit the club Gucci all on my feet, I done hit the club throwback Rodney Pete
Its that boy lil Ronnie throw Deon Sanders, Imma gone switch it to that throwback Barry Sanders
Its that lil Ronnie pop truck on the corner, I don't give a fuck fifth wheel gone turn
Its that lil Ronnie I done swang, I done swung
I done hit the club throwback Lynn Swan
It's the boy lil Ronnie I'll leave yo body numb, maybe wear it soon Thowback Warren Moon

[Verse 2: Fat Bastard]
Well it's the fat bastard, get in my belly, hit the club in a throwback Jim Kelly
Lookin good, never mis-take-n, hit the club in a throwback Troy Aikman
Buy all my clothes, fuck a lay-a-way, hit thะต club throwback John Elway
Man lookin clean, never been a stalkะตr, pop up in a throwback Herschel Walker
No I do care, my diamonds glare, pop up in a throwback Gale Sayers
It's the boy fresh, is a head roll, pop up throwback Terry Bradshaw
Lookin real good, we hard to handle, throw-back with Earl Campbell
I done clip-a-dee clap twice trunk slam, pop up throwback Randle Cunningham
Man hold-on, freestyle simple, I done came threw throwback Alvin Harper

[Verse 3: Addiction]
Let this boys know, that these broads keep chasin, hit the club throwback fuckin Walter Payton
All on my back, all bout my paper, hit the club throwback Lawrence Taylor
Maybe be a Giant, got plenty clients, I ain't even trippin, got mo energy than Reliant
Niggas don't know, ain't Ned Flanders, hit the club, throwback Larry Sanders
From the Redskins, rollin big Benz, got the Gucci shades, plus the Prada Lens
I ain't even trippin because my tech keep hummin, hit the club, throwback Derrick Thomas
All on my chest, bathe with the zest, let them boys, let know that I'm fresh

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this is so crazy intense, smooth and hard at the sametime what a vibe, Big ups big man Banx.


This man sampled the Carpenters and made it a southern rap beat ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Leslie Harlan

@Vernon Gray Jr your welcome bro salute

Vernon Gray Jr

@Leslie Harlan thank you!

Leslie Harlan

@Vernon Gray Jr Carpenter's - We've Just begun

Vernon Gray Jr

Name of sample song?

Leslie Harlan


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This is deadass one of the best songs of the year


TDE will survive without K Dot for these reasons. They find top tier talent... Spotify please. #Topdawgentertainment

Steady Rotation

Sample issues ๐Ÿคท

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