I'm in It
Kanye West Lyrics

Damn your lips very soft
As I turn my Blackberry off
And I turn your bath water on
And you turn off your iPhone
Careless whispers, eye fuckin', bitin' ass
Neck, ears, hands, legs, eatin' ass
Your pussy's too good, I need to crash
Your titties, let 'em out, free at last
Thank God almighty, they free at last
We was up at the party but we was leavin' fast
Had to stop at 7-Eleven like I needed gas
I'm lyin', I needed condoms, don't look through the glass
Chasin' love, lot of bittersweet hours lost
Eatin' Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce
Tell your boss you need an extra hour off
Get you super wet after we turn the shower off

That's all them can do (say wah, say wah)
That's all them can do
We deal with action ting
Just a badman thing a dat man do
Action thing yo a badman ting

I'm a badman you if know say
Disrespect we no tek, no way Jose
Try that 'pon February the 30th
That's hard, couldn't try that no day
When we roll 'round 'pon your block
Nuh bother feel say we won't spray (like a aerosol can)
When we roll 'round 'pon your block
Nuh bother feel say we won't spray (like an aerosol can)
We ah go smile pon court day
Because we beat murder charge like O.J

That's right I'm in it
(Should've known I would fall)
I'm in it
(Stepping on cracks on the floor)
That's right
(And boys at your door)
That's right I'm in it
(Well you need to fight for your own)
That's right I'm in it
(Then don't let me at your table)
I'm in it
(If you just gonna lay there)
Fist jumps in the air, you love flame wars
(I'll be long gone, grab that ass, set your code)

Uh, picked up where we left off
Uh, I need you home when I get off
Uh, you know I need that wet mouth
Uh, I know you need that reptile
Uh, she cut from a different textile
Uh, she love different kinds of sex now
Uh, black girl sippin' white wine
Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign
And grabbed it with a slight grind
And held it 'til the right time
Then she came like Ah!

That's why I'm in it and I can't get out
(That's all them can do (say wah, say wah))
That's why I'm in it and I can't get out
That's all them can do
We deal with action ting
Just a badman thing a dat man do
That's right I'm in it
(I'll be long gone, grab that ass, set your code)

Say you love who I
Lay it off, it off
Star fucker
Star fucker
Star fucker
Who, when

Time to take it too far now
Uh, Michael Douglas out the car now
Uh, got the kids and the wife life
Uh, but can't wake up from the night life
Uh, I'm so scared of my demons
Uh, I go to sleep with a nightlight
Uh, my mind move like a Tron bike
Uh, pop a wheelie on the Zeitgeist
Uh, I'm finna start a new movement
Uh, being led by the drums
Uh, I'm a rap-lic priest
Uh, getting head by the nuns
Uh, they don't play what I'm playing
Uh, they don't see what I'm saying
Uh, they be balling in the D-League
Uh, I be speaking Swaghili

Written by: Andre Harris, Carvin Haggins, Cydel Charles Young, Dom Solo, Elon Rutberg, Jeffrey Ethan Campbell, Jill H Scott, Joshua Leary, Justin Deyarmond Edison Vernon, Kanye Omari West, Kenny Lattimore, Lauren Matos, Malik Yusef El Shabazz Jones, Mike Dean, Noah D

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Comments from YouTube:

Juicy Benis

Well this ain’t Christ-like


REAL YEEZUS 4 LEAKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d475hqN5e9E


@Flik exactly

Anthony Duvall

Juicy Benis he killed it!!!! This like modern day two live crew 🤣😂😂

Anthony Duvall

Juicy Benis aye everybody got a story. Lol

Khartoum Lavage

+Juicy Benis That's what "YOU" think. This is more spiritually-sound, holy, and honest than his current work. Nothing like sanctified salacity.
Lasciviously Lustful Love-Making is less hedonistic and more cathartically-therapeutic than the tameness of carefully calculated and consensual (Consensualness being the only thing that should remain.) debauchery.

Bedroom Banality results when you display a restrictive "Sex-Style".
Opposites attract and you're going to need someone who's cut from a different textile.
Unpredictability of both your repertoires colliding creates a chemistry and the coital tension that will forever be unmatched for you both, when it's all said and done, hypothetically-speaking.

That Kenny Lattimore "Lately" sample is what truly completes this masterpiece. Ahhh. An ode to mutual perversion. Nothing like it.

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Burrito Ninja

Dog: Barks

Kanye: “That’s goin’ in the song”


@Metl Man 1:39

Metl Man

where is the bark? timestamp, i cant find it


@Jacob Jenner from Mario right?

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