Workout Plan
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Hey whats up girl

Hey girl

Hey How you doin'?

Hey you know I finally got my shit together been watchin that workout plan gurl!!

Well you lookin' all good and stuff you got you a-
Girl I know it's that workout

Got you a six pack Shakuar and stuff

Don't say it

My nigga my nigga I'm tired of putting 1-8-7 in my niggas pager that shit ain't workin' no more

Girl you know I'ma video ho-fessional now (Girl)
Since I copped this new workout plan my shit
Is right rollin' in lexus, acuras everything girl

Girl you need to let me know where I can cop that how much is it?

Girl you know you ain't gotta pay nothin' around me
I'm tha bootleg queeen I'll give it to
You for free 99

Free 99!

That's my dog you always looking out for us

My nigga now I can throw away my bus pass and shit oh my God

Oh shit

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Written by: KANYE WEST

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0:00 Prelude - "Wassup girllls. I got a new workout plan"
0:46 Start Promo- "Girl you know I'ma video ho-fessional"
1:45 Training room
2:53 Interlude by Fonzworth Bentley
3:27 Back to the promo
3:34 GUEST : Miri Ben Ari (Violonist)
3:37 GUEST : The Consequences, John Legend, GLC
3:48 Gill "Former 3rd Wheel / Tight and Right"
4:03 Lasandra "Former Booster / Now videohoefeshinal"
4:20 Fifi le Boeuff "Fille visuelle"
5:03 Tracee Ellis Ross "One very rich shorty"
5:43 Ella-May (Anna Nicole Smith) - "Former trailer trash / Ultimate trophy girl"
5:59 Thanks to Kanye's workout plan, I'm the envy of all my friends
That's right, put in work
Move your **s, go berserk
Eat your salad, no dessert
Get that man you deserve (stop!)...

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Animu Auntie

"Cover your mouth like you've got SARS" I love how dated that line is.

2020 edit: well, shit...

Kambli Kritarth

@Marley Johnson I know my reply is 10 months old but the reason why the OP's comment is funny because they specifically said that SARS line is dated. And rest if these commenters are joking most likely


@Animu Auntie oh ok

Animu Auntie

@P i originally commented like a year before COVID, then edited it back in 2020. I think Youtube just timestamps the original post.


How does it say edited two years ago in October of 2021 if covid only appeared in December 2019


even more relevant now, whether you have covid, or bad breathe, lmao

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Chris Stewart

How Kanye will solve American obesity as president

red reuben

yea this aged well


KANYE 2024

Ms. Rutledge


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