Old Freak
Kash Doll Lyrics

You can talk about my whip game
You can talk about my wrist game, talk about my shit game
Nigga talk about his dick game
But he couldn't hang -- lil' nigga talk about your limp game
Kash Doll I got new flows
I'm a pretty girl I be signing titties when I do shows
Silly bitches don't phase me
Hit my old nigga now she thinking that he played me -- haaa


I do this for my strippers and I do this for my family
Up in KOD I didn't do a fucking Grand Prix
Money on my mind I don't think y'all understand me
Jealous ass bitches they don't want me win no Grammy
Everybody talking but nobody gon' deliver
The only rap bitch rapping better than these niggas
I den made a couple Bands and my name got bigger
Now these bitches think they me
Cause they fucked my old nigga


Look, big chain with the gold piece
Still selling cane like the old me
I'll let a hoe go like a .
Quick to turn a nigga main to my old freak
These hoes want to hold me
Bitch out of control, they control freaks
Just tell them that I'm on try to expose me
Fuck a bitch out in Cali for a OG
Hit it good 'till her knees knock
Beat the pussy up, that's a beat box
Yeah you heard about me I got the streets locked
I'll get this bitch jumping like the seat hot
Buy cars heard y'all putting cash down
Two chains on dancing like Kash Doll
Nigga Icewear broke? yeah how that sound?
Hit the Louis store and pour a nigga trash out


Yo, yo did you bitches really think y'all could fuck with me?
Aye would you tell these bitches they can't fuck with me
What, you think cause you fucked some bitch you me
Bitch you ain't me, you ain't lived my life bitch
I never seen you in the airport bitch
I never seen you at the car lot bitch
I never seen you in the jewelry store bitch
Yall bitches wear Burberry for holidays
Bitch, Mucho wear that shit everyday
Fuck with me, Kash Doll
Let's get it


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Comments from YouTube:

Cameron J

This shit hits hard once you play it in yo car 😊


Who’s still here cause this remains a classic

Purp Le

i love how hood all her songs sound :D

westside pooh

This still my song 🎡

Nicole H.

I love her and Vezzo lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•β€


the bass in the iPhone earphones πŸ’• I like this song

Khiyeaha Rhone


Sharron Abbott

Music feed the soul

Deshaun J

She was better on the track by herself lol no shade

Oshiana Jackson

man she dont need nobody her tracks

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