Blue Lambency Downward
Kayo Dot Lyrics

Beneath the arc of the rounded rainbow ley
Whistled the lark as the arrow lost its way
The Blue lightless perfect-colored obfuscaire
Still supine, I crossed the sandy veil
Falling forever through each measure;
All moral minds sentinel
Falling to Hell
Breathe together,
The circle we drew as we moved but tried to look down was wiped away with the sound of the morning rooster's crow...
His tail was tied to a hammer and he dragged it to the horizon

In the hallway outside my bedroom door,
I heard the old dead sleigh gliding to its restful drones, purposely knocking the pictures off their nails.
With a vacancy ogling my sober inhalation, our curator's rocking to the rhythm of the rain on her carved hair here in this room, with the inverted torches at its barrier, where materia vibrated out.
Its vibration left a plume climbing its way up a blue-blessed curl, which was girdled by aurora of obliging black morel.
Then, I called and cried out while I minded the bell that dangled crazily closet edge of the basin of the rain which fell.
(It fell in the shape of a bifurcated ammonite shell).

A beacon as blue as a bowerbird's eye in the morn,
A poem written in threes over four,
My oeuvre based on the coy and forlorn,
Another boy's parallel night in the harrow,
And the quiet decline of my questionable rhythm.
Disinterested forever in upwards motion,
I hung out by the white chalk letters.

I watched my body move and let it.

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Comments from YouTube:

Delbert Grady

Charlie Zeleny's drum work on this album is what, in my opinion, makes this album sound so different from all of their others, this being the only Kayo Dot album he played on. The approach taken towards drums on here sounds more like avant garde jazz than their usual approach which sounds like progressive rock/metal or death/back metal.

It Can't Be a Dream

Never really thought of it like that until now, but there is a significant change in the drum sounds starting with this album. It seems to have carried on all the way up to (and including) "Hubardo" and changed again on "Coffins..."

Xavier E. Posso

One of the best albums ever!

Eosapien RANCHER

This album has a very surreal, dreamlike quality. I like to think there's a narrative throughout. In the opening track, it feels like you're entering a kind of liminal state, maybe through astral projection or invocation, and experiencing these rotating dream-vignettes that are the shorter tracks in the middle, and then in Symmetrical Arizona you start out in yet another dream, but then wake back into the real world and you realize you were dreaming and you look over to your left and there's your best friend, driving his car and you guys are driving through Arizona

troy fatteicher

It’s like what a parallel universe would sound like.

Delbert Grady

Listening to symmetrical Arizona while driving thru Arizona


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