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1 AM
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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Beautiful Creatures Jacked up Cracked up Smacked across my face. Pulled down…
Cayman Me come esta ansiedad por verte Me tienes esperándote toda l…
The Hacienda A dirty thing you've really done Is that the desert or…
Vizionary Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Woah woah woah Aye Said it's …

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Comments from YouTube:


Okay I know this is supposed to be joking but like. Seriously Animal Crossing and Owl City combined is something I never knew I wanted but boy is it one of the best things I've ever heard wow.


Damian Yerrick Me, because I am Celeste's husband.

Damian Yerrick

Other than Blathers and Celeste, who would populate the Owl City?

Purple Villager

I'd definitely stay up to 1am just to hear this!

Mustache D. Luffy

Also the darkness and peace is needed to listen to this, as you need the secret ending

Mustache D. Luffy

I’ve stayed up until 12:24 am now, but I need my sleep


To whoever does these Owl City mixes.. You're the best. Owl City and Animal Crossing were my childhood, and I couldn't be happier about this mix in particular. Thank you for doing these!

Polar Bear

One of those high quality rips that you just know you gotta come back to every once in a while.

Hella Planty

Wow this is sick!

the memories man <3

Hella Planty

seriously this is honestly my fave remix of yours! It is beautiful!

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