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Ballad of the Windfish
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Woah, this is really cool! I love the energy in this one, and it's definitely the most upbeat remix of Ballad of the Windfish that I've heard. One of my favorite types of remixes are where songs that are normally slow and mellow are increased in tempo and intensity (in a tasteful way), like you've done here. And the addition of drums and percussion here works wonders.

I love how the intro here has that kind of distant sound, which is a deceptively tricky effect to create. And the way that it builds up, it feels like the majestic creature itself is getting closer, like coming in on ocean waves or something. Or maybe, even coming in from... the sky? 😉 (really, though, that was a cute little addition, and I always look forward to seeing Easter eggs pop up in your videos)

I'm a big fan of that bassline you've arranged here, and it has that epic feel, with the steady 8th note rhythm (or heavy delay?). The bass itself is really cool, too, and the treble on it really helps it to be heard easily, even on smaller speakers. The supporting parts here are superb, as well, with that fast-moving pluck, and those beautiful string chords. They really imbue the piece with lots of excitement and energy!

That was a great transition, using that short, repeated 3-note phrase to segue into the half-time section at 1:10. It's a pleasant little break before the big finish! Also, the preceding section has a cool beat (from 0:58 - 1:09) that has some nice syncopation in the kick that works well in tandem with the snare. The heavier use of drums and percussion here really adds, and I'm looking forward to seeing what percussive elements you'll utilize in future remixes, as well. :)

Through your music selections, I feel like you have a soft spot for Link's Awakening. It's pretty high up on my overall list, and only behind Oracle of Ages & Seasons across all the handhelds. And I really like that you give the soundtrack of this game so much attention, as it doesn't seem to be a really popular choice, even with the Switch remake. That said, I'm a fan of any kind of music you make, but the Link's Awakening remixes are appreciated! Keep up the excellent work, G-Squared! :D

G-Squared Studios

It has that distant effect because I automated some properties. To make it softer, I began the song with the synth at lower bite value (or however you say it) and automated its rising, which it kept for the rest of the piece. The second thing I did was animate the decay time of a reverb thingy (mmm yes, technical terms) I had on it. If I had left it as is, it stayed too long in the mix during the verses and such, and make it sound pretty bad. (Also >:) I found where I can see the keyframes-- which I couldn't for King Olly, Origami Overlord-- so you bet we're gonna start animating more things).

The not-so-secret way to do that is with arpeggiation instruments. You could just chop up the MIDI, but personally, I do not think it does it justice quite as well as the arps.

Truth be told, I didn't love the game itself. I played through the Switch remake of Link's Awakening a while ago, and could appreciate the graphics and high quality, of course. But the gameplay was rather irritating to me (maybe that's just because I'm not a good gamer lol). The story was amazing, though, and I thought it was such an interesting idea; that's why I stuck it out to the end hehe.

Overall, yes. Link's Awakening, as well as Breath of the Wild and Wind Waker, will always be some of my favourites. If I was to explain why, I couldn't do so without going off on a whole nerd speech about why they fascinate me so much. I'll spare you this time. :]

Edit: please excuse my lack of technical terms here. I haven't actually had any music lessons of any sort so I can only pretend to know what I'm talking about :'D


This is a very nice version, I love that theme

G-Squared Studios

Question: Should I add more loops in my remixes so as to extend the length of the piece? Is that annoying? Does that make it better? Please let me know what you think! :D

Katie D

as much as I’d love for you to release longer songs, I do like how your music is usually a short burst of goodness and doesn’t wear itself out. maybe you should experiment with video length and release a few songs that are longer and see how you and the audience react to them!


For what my opinion is worth, I like the format you're using now, where each section is distinct, often resulting in a shorter song length. Perhaps I care too much about VGM remixes, but if I'm listening to them, it's not often as mere background noise, so shorter remixes, like in the 2:00-3:00 range are the sweet spot for me. But I know and completely understand that many people prefer longer remixes and also prefer songs to be looped or extended. I really admire that you differentiate each section, and for what your songs may lack in quantity, or length, they more than make up for in quality!

In short: I think your songs are the perfect length, but I wouldn't at all be deterred by loops, if you decided to use them. :)

Katie D

this is so fun!! i love it!! great work!!

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