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K.K. Love Song
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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K.K. Slider (Aye) (Aye) (K Trelli) All the time (Yeah) All the time (Yea…
K.K.Slider (Aye) (Aye) (K Trelli) All the time (Yeah) All the time (Yea…
Nintendo/K.K. Slider [Intro] Contrary to popular belief You know what, yo Th…
NintendoK.K. Slider [Intro] Contrary to popular belief You know what, yo Th…

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Comments from YouTube:

Nathan Gay

I have hummed this for years and forgot this was even an animal crossing song, and just re-discovered this…strange feeling


This song is underrated! What a jam. 😋🎶


@Kid Destroyer lmao

Brian Alleyne



I remember this one from Animal Crossing on the Gamecube and to this day I think it's still my favorite KK song. That drum and bass is too good.


I want this song to be playing if I ever fall in love.

Caro L

this song is so underrated!! I was searching for it since it was stuck in my head all day!

Worbridge Plays

A underrated K.K. Song and its such a jam to listen to while studying.

Héctor González Arévalo

This is our favorite song
Our bdays are both on 11th april
I would be lazy too if i was a villager
And i love cats! Tell me how is it possible that i dont have you yet
Update: never thought I’d do this, but I ended up buying him. I did something I’m against of just to get my soulmate, and I don’t regret it.
Bought him like in March and now it’s his (our) happy birthday! Time flies...

tom! 🐈‍⬛

AWW, I absolutely ADORE him too! 💙💙

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